Forging Character: Caitlin’s Story

By: Hannah Jackson

Posted: 10.2.18

Sisters Payton and Caitlin have created memories that will last a lifetime from their week-long experiences at Camp Cho-Yeh summer after summer. The past three years, Camp has provided a place where each girl has been able to grow in their faith by going outside their comfort zone in the welcoming, challenging environment cultivated within Cho-Yeh. This summer, seventh grader Payton and sixth grader Caitlin spent the week in the same cabin. This was really special for them to learn to trust God more together as they both stepped out in bravery to boldly open up more with their cabin. Caitlin though, truly came into her own during her time at Cho-Yeh.

“It was really fun having my sister in my cabin because I really like getting to have fun trying new things with her, like all the activities” Payton said. “It is so special that we get to be together and learn more about God and take on a faith of our own.”

Younger sister, Caitlin started off a little timid, but had a role model in her big sister. When she saw Payton step out onto the Adventure Park ropes, it helped reassure Caitlin and give her the confidence she needed to seek growth too.

“Getting to watch Caitlin come out of her shell this week has been my favorite part”, counselor Camille McAnally said. “Caitlin was so quiet that first day, but by around Tuesday, I really saw her build community in our cabin. Seeing her push herself at activities was also really cool to watch.”