Forging Character in Her Hometown: Greyson’s Story

By: Hannah Jackson

Posted: 3.4.19

Growing up in Livingston, third year camper, Greyson always looked forward to the day she would be old enough to attend Camp Cho-Yeh. What makes Cho-Yeh a unique experience is the way it brings members of the local community together with families from different areas and walks of life.

Greyson experiences all sorts of fun, faith-based, outdoor adventures each summer at camp. The way Cho-Yeh structures its curriculum is geared towards experiential learning. This enables Cho-Yeh to meet campers right where there are by providing learning that grows with the camper each year. Each summer that Greyson’s returns she gets to build on the foundation of her past summer’s learning. 

“I have learned how much God loves me and gotten to see how experiencing different activities can help me to better understand my faith” Greyson said.

The big water slide at the lake started off as a daunting fear for Greyson, but it quickly became one of her very favorite activities. Learning to overcome her fear by bravely trying new experiences is a skill she cultivated from her time at Cho-Yeh. The ability to overcome fear is something Greyson has been able to take and apply in situations she encounters outside of camp.

“When I am scared, I remember how I am always brave at camp” Greyson said. “Thinking about how fun the water slide turned out to be reminds me of how exciting it can be to try something that at first may seem scary or hard.”

Greyson loves having the ability to experience camp and grow in her faith each summer, right in her hometown.