Forging Character: Savannah’s Story

By: Riley Dunson

Posted: 9.2.19

Every year, summertime for Savannah Haddox means one thing; coming to camp. As Summer 2019 came around, so did her week at Camp Cho-Yeh. For her fifth summer in a row, she came with a smile on her face, and was looking forward to going to the Trading Post and hanging out at the pool. However, with these fun activities, also comes homesickness. Even though Savannah is an experienced camper, she still battles her homesickness every year. But, she doesn’t just take it lying down. Savannah has learned how to persevere through her feelings of homesickness.

“I came here alone at first, but my second year my sister and cousin came. I write my mom lots of letters, and just think about my family and what we are going to do when I get home. I really like walking with my cousin and talking. That makes me feel a lot better.” 

More than anything, Savannah knows that God is with her at camp. He is with her in the exciting times, but also in her sad ones. In fact, God is who gives Savannah the strength she needs while dealing with her homesickness. 

“I used to cry a lot my first year at camp. Now I don’t really cry at all. I’ve learned that God will always accept you. I just pray to Him that my family is thinking about me so that I can think about them and know that I am going to see them really soon.”

Savannah likes to think about the growth she has shown over her years at Cho-Yeh. Camp Cho-Yeh has taught Savannah a lot of things about herself, but this summer especially, she is learning how to be more confident in her own self. 

“This week I am more confident in myself than I am usually. When I leave camp, I want to continue to be more confident. It has been hard for me to make friends back home but Camp has shown me how to make friends with strangers. When I leave, I think it is going to be easier to make friends.”