From Hesitation to Inspiration: Carter’s Story

By: Jenn Myers

Posted: 5.10.22

Many first-time camper families experience some worries leading up to their time at Cho-Yeh. During a week at Camp, campers make new friends, grow in their character, and cultivate a stronger faith. Still, parents have to determine if the experience will be worth it. For Carter, it certainly was.

Carter’s parents first heard about Cho-Yeh from some friends with older children. After hearing about the great experiences their children had, Carter’s family decided to register their son for his first week of Camp. His mother, Shea, recalls being hesitant, but hopeful.

“I would say that I hesitated, big time. Is he old enough? Will he be homesick? Will his counselors know how to take care of him? Our hopes were that Carter would gain some independence and strengthen his relationship with Christ.”

While Carter was nervous on his first day at Camp, his counselors made him feel comfortable and welcomed. Throughout the rest of the week, Carter built friendships with his cabinmates, was mentored by his counselors, and grew in his relationship with God.

“Carter achieved so much during his week there. He learned so much about himself. He built a solid relationship with Christ, something that he didn’t have before camp. He found some independence, gained self-worth, made new friends, and had amazing role models for counselors.”

When Carter’s parents picked him up from Cho-Yeh, they couldn’t help but notice a difference in their son. Not only did they see transformation in him, but Carter’s newfound love for Christ has impacted their entire family.

“Carter’s eagerness to learn more about Christ has continued onto his sister, and going to church has become something the kids greatly look forward to. This has motivated all four of us to get more involved with our church. We plan to be baptized as a family later this summer.”

Choosing to send a child to Cho-Yeh can bring lots of fears and hesitations, but it also brings about new courage, joy, and a community that will continue to impact campers like Carter and their families forever.

“Camp Cho-Yeh was a blessing. We are extremely grateful and can’t wait for Carter to continue his Cho-Yeh journey next summer!”