A Glimpse Into Staff Training: Recreation Team

By: Hannah Jackson

Posted: 5.22.18

Summer preparations at Cho-Yeh begin long before campers arrive. Our recreation staff has spent the past week training to be certified in all the different activities offered here at Camp Cho-Yeh. From the Ropes Courses, Zipline, Wet Bubble, and so many more, our recreation team is taught proper safety procedures and becomes familiar with everything before Core One gets underway. In addition to this first week, during the next two weeks, the recreation team will go through staff training with all camp staff for final preparations for campers’ arrival.

“This place is a place that loves to invest in continually seeking out improvements to better the experience for campers” first time recreation team staffer, Salah Brooks said.

Salah spent eight summers coming to Cho-Yeh as a camper and has watched the camp continue to expand. Specifically, Salah remembers the challenge course having just eight elements when she was a camper and now it has forty-two elements for this summer. This is just one example of the new equipment and continued innovations at Cho-Yeh.

“The Zipline is really fun, I feel confident on what my job will be for it, as well as for the other activities” first time recreation team staffer, Rita Harris said. “Getting to learn all the different equipment and things has been really cool.”

The recreation team does more than just learn the technical side of their jobs, they also experience every activity themselves so that they can better relate and understand how a camper may feel when trying out a new activity for the first time. This allows campers to connect and trust the staff that will guide and provide safety for them so that they can experience really fun, challenging outdoor adventures.

“Because I too have experienced their hesitation or nervousness about going on the Zipline, walking across the ropes course, or whatever it may be, I can reassure campers that I felt the same way” Salah said. “I am so excited for the campers to see that God is real through us loving them well during their time here. It is such an incredible opportunity to provide a sense of safety for campers, as well as to provide a really fun, challenging outdoor adventure.”