Growing in Confidence and Faith: Layton’s Story

By: Joy Lester

Posted: 11.23.20

Our 15-year-old guest blogger explains the long-term impact of Camp Cho-Yeh in his own words.  A week away from the normal routines of home each summer can help a child like Layton grow in confidence, independence, and faith!

“I’ve been attending Camp Cho-Yeh since the age of five. Every summer, for one week, I would make the long drive up to Livingston to spend precious time out in God’s creation. In my early years, I would dread leaving the comforts of the indoors; the TV, the videogames, the AC. But as I’ve gotten older, and more involved with school and friends, I notice how much difference it can make to spend a short six days in the wilderness. I come back feeling relaxed and mellow, as well as renewed in my faith. Stress seems to melt away as the glory of being surrounded by a great community of Christians envelopes me.

The opportunities Camp Cho-Yeh has given are innumerable. So many long-lasting memories have been born sitting around the trading post after the sun has set. So many memorable relationships have been created with campers and counselors alike. So many incredible moments of worship have taken place during Life Song on Wednesday night.

I can’t express how thankful I am after being able to attend such an amazing camp. The enriching experience of being able to leave everything at the door and enjoy a week with my friends is always very appreciated.

I remember my first year at Cho-Yeh, when my mom dropped me off. I sat on a bench and cried. I had never been away from my parents that long and I was scared of the coming days. As I sat alone in the hot sun, this girl approached me and sat down on the same bench. She was about my age, but she started comforting me, saying it would be alright and that I would love it at camp. At the time, I didn’t feel any better about it, but today, I realize how that same kind, caring spirit would continue on throughout my entire Cho-Yeh life.

The lessons I have learned from the Bible studies at camp have given me new perspective on many different aspects of my life. I feel I have grown to be a better friend, a better son, and a better Christian as a result. I truly believe I wouldn’t be the same person I am today without the ten years I have clocked in.

I’m sure that if you asked anyone else who’s been attending as long as I have that they would tell you the same. Camp Cho-Yeh has been a life changing journey and I am truly happy I have been able to be a part of such a wonderful community.” – Layton, 10-year camper