Growth on the CLT Trail: Collin and Zach’s Story

By: Hannah Jackson

Posted: 3.26.19

A pair of friends, Collin and Zach gained new perspectives after participating in Camp Cho-Yeh’s Christian Leadership Training program (CLT). They spent two weeks with a group of their peers and two counselors. The attitude and action of their counselors modeled the way Collin and Zach saw Christ-like love through a physically demanding, stamina challenging hiking trip.

“Our counselors were so selfless,” Zach said. “They would carry more stuff than us without complaining about it. From this experience, I learned to appreciate how God often shows His love for us through other people. Having this group helped me to push past normal limits and not give up.”

The counselors’ care towards their CLT campers was a standout feature for many of the boys. This example is reflective of the way Camp Cho-Yeh provides outdoor adventures as a space for campers to build stronger character and a deeper faith. The challenge of hiking so many miles in a hot, Texas summer creates an opportunity for campers to shift their focus from ‘I cannot’ to “I will try.’ Campers, like Collin and Zach, learn to seek an attitude that helps foster growth.

“It was cool to see our counselors work well together,” Collin said. “I admire their patience for us, and I was really challenged by how they never complained about anything. It taught me to follow suit because we were all going through the same thing. We were able to encourage each other to do all that we could as an individual. This grew us together as a group.”

Collin and Zach were excited to apply what they learned from the trail experience outside of camp life. The time on the open trails paired with time to dig into Bible Studies bonded this CLT trail group together and they spurred one another on in their faith.

“Our faiths were challenged as we went through the ‘Why Choose Christianity’ study,” Collin said. “It brought really deep conversations. I had to think about why I believe what I believe. It fostered critical thought and I grew closer to God because my faith was strengthened from having a better understanding of why I believe.”

CLT is Camp Cho-Yeh’s capstone experience for students entering 11th or 12th grades.  Click here for more information!