A Home Away From Home: International Campers

By: Hannah Jackson

Posted: 6.12.18

Camp Cho-Yeh serves as a home away from home; even from the farthest of homes. This summer, thirteen French international students spent a week at Camp Cho-Yeh. Some returned for their seventh year, while others experienced Cho-Yeh for the first time. The number of international students attending summer camp at Cho-Yeh is growing, as many continue inviting friends from the international school they attend in Houston. These students have the opportunity to experience American culture while living abroad and learning English, as well as another language of their choosing. An integral part of how they spend their time in the United States is the memories they make while they are here at Camp. Part of their American experience is looking forward to their summers at Cho-Yeh.

“I look forward to summer break because it means camp is approaching” fourth-year returning camper, Jeanne de Moucheron said. “I keep coming back to Cho-Yeh because I liked the activities and the values of camp- from the cabins, counselors, and making other friends. I love that there is always something new and that we are able to learn about God in such a fun environment.”