75 Years of Impacting Lives

Camp Cho-Yeh is a place where Jesus Christ transforms lives. 

The facilities and programs have changed over the last 75 years, but the heart of this place remains the same.  Cho-Yeh has impacted the lives of thousands of children, teens, and adults since it opened in 1947.

As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, we invite you to get involved in a new way.  Your family can make a difference here.  Your partnership will help us impact more lives, more deeply!



You can play a specific role in supporting one (or more!) of our college-age staff while they are giving all of their heart, soul, and strength to discipling young men and women this summer.  Sign up for Adopt-a-Staff to directly encourage and pray for your summer staffer by name.

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Join our Prayer Team


We believe that camp can be one of the most powerful and transformative times in a young person’s life. You can come alongside us as partners in ministry by praying that God would allow us to impact more lives, more deeply.

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More Deeply

More Deeply

Invest in the mission of Camp Cho-Yeh through our capital campaign to build new Junior High and High School Camps. Join us in praying for:

Planning, Design, and Construction
Additional $2 Million in Funding
Life-Transforming Impact

Building the Next Generation through Giving

Alumni Giving Program

With a passion for building the next generation of Christian leaders, Cho-Yeh's Alumni Giving Program allows past staff the opportunity to both fund camper scholarships and pray that campers lives would be deeply impacted. Our hope is that campers receiving scholarships would one day return as counselors to invest in the next generation.

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Your Gift Impacts Lives


With a passion for raising up the next generation of Christian leaders, Camp Cho-Yeh is impacting the lives of young men and women by cultivating faith, nurturing community, and forging character. Last year, we awarded $320,000 in camper scholarships. With your help we can continue to invest in campers from every background, not just families with financial resources.

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75 Years of Shaping Lives

Camp Cho-Yeh is passionate about building the next generation of Christian leaders through cultivating faith, nurturing community, and forging character.  Each summer we have a front-row seat to watch the interactions between campers and see first-hand the growth that occurs during just a week or two in this place.

Read some of our favorite impact stories we’ve collected over the years.  Then fill out the form below to share the ways your life is different because of the time you spent at Camp!

Raising Up Leaders

“My faith became real to me. Not something my parents did, or my Sunday School teacher did. But my walk with Christ – the relationship – became real to me that day. My faith became mine.”

Click Here to Read Leslie Casiday's Story

Forever Changed

On CLT I realized my identity in Christ. I left camp that year not only with amazing memories and lifelong friends, but with a new-found confidence in my creator and redeemer.

Click Here to Read Amy Ross's Story

Connection in Creation

“The stars, the trees, the trails… there is something about being in the place of Cho-Yeh — a place I consider home — that is just so comforting. God meets me in new ways every time I’m there.”

Click Here to Read Kylie Suddendorf

A Place To Belong

“Camp taught me to be humble and allowed time for reflection. I also learned to be more patient and respectful by coming to Camp.”

Click Here to Read Ethan's Story

Tell Us Your Story!

Fill out this short form to share with us how your life has been impacted by your time spent at Camp Cho-Yeh!