Julia: Why I Chose the Compass Program

By: Abby Wyllie

Posted: 3.26.18

Our brand new Gap Year program launches this fall! We are looking for 18-22 year olds for our inaugural class. Read more about Julia and why she chose to do her gap year with Compass.

Why did you decide to do a gap year program?

My interest in a Gap Year program started a couple of years ago when my family was traveling along the West Coast.  We encountered a ministry that offered a Gap Year program, and I was really intrigued by the idea of what a ‘Gap Year’ offered.  I want to take time to be really intentional about growing in my faith, to learn how to be ‘in community’ with others and also to learn the basic life skills to have a solid foundation for my future.  These are the main reasons I want to do a gap year program.

Plus, I saw other students who were just a little bit older than me using this time not as a year off but as a year to really get equipped for that transition from high school and college into adulthood.  That really impressed me.

What were you looking for in a gap year program?

I’m not someone who likes to waste time.  For me, taking a Gap Year isn’t about taking a ‘year off’ from responsibility or an excuse to avoid life.  I graduated from high school early and have completed my first two years of college, so for me, I see this as an opportunity to continue my life education while taking a break from my college education.  I want a program that will equip me not only to finish college well but one that offers life skills training to ready me for adulthood.

I want a program that will challenge me spiritually and practically. I am interested in a program that will help me better understand my current limitations and weaknesses while also providing an opportunity and community to help me stretch and grow.

There are some spiritual/theological questions that I continue to wrestle with, especially social issues.  I want to better understand what the Bible teaches and then learn how to communicate these truths with my generation.  I’m definitely interested in any topics that deal with developing a Biblical worldview.

What do you hope to gain from the Compass program?

At the end of the 9 months I would really like to be able to look back and measure real growth in my life.  Much like a year of college, where students can look back on what they’ve learned in their college education over the course of two semesters, that’s what I hope to gain from the Compass program.

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