Setting The Course

Program Overview

Compass is designed to train up the head, heart and hands of our students and to equip them for the challenges they will face in life. Over the course of this 9-month program, students will learn discipleship through the following methodology:

• Study
• Service
• Skills
• Sabbath
• Safari


There is nothing more important than God’s Word.  Through formal lectures, socratic discussion, and group projects, students will be equipped to winsomely respond to the questions of skeptics and believers alike with the truth of Jesus Christ. But this intellectual pursuit is not for mere ivory tower consumption. This cultivation will result in our students living a beautiful life before God and demonstrating goodness to their fellow man.  Some of the courses your student will take include:

Old Testament Survey / New Testament Survey
Worldview Training and Apologetics
Systematic Theology
Christ and Culture




Servant leadership is a Christian philosophy that puts forth the idea that for one to lead, one must learn to serve. Compass values this kind of leadership. Therefore we are highly committed to a modality of incarnational service, leadership theory, and hands-on learning that equips our students towards excellence, distinctiveness, and accountability in service to others. In addition to learning the philosophy and theology behind servant leadership, our students will also work to achieve this goal through a number of different service opportunities. They include:

Serving in a local church
Camp/Retreat Ministry
Cho Yeh Road Crew
Mercy Ministry
Compass Deaconate Projects


Many of the classes and instruction that our Compass students will receive moves beyond the theoretical and philosophical and involves the day-to-day practical. These courses will vary from year to year but there are some basic ‘life skill’ classes that we believe every student should learn while enrolled with Compass. They include:

Basic Car Maintenance
Resume Building
Conflict Resolution Training
Hospitality and Event Planning
Public Speaking
Budgeting and Finances


Sabbath rest is more than just a day off. It is a declaration that we are not to be enslaved to our work. Sabbath rest is so important that the Bible literally commands that we rest (4th Commandment). Therefore rest is an integral rhythm to our Compass program. We are committed to giving students regular time off to reflect on the past week and prepare the body, mind, and soul for the week ahead. In addition, our program also takes scheduled breaks at the following times:

Spring Break


The word ‘safari’ means:  an expedition to observe. If our students are to be equipped to engage their world, then they must experience and observe their world. Travel opens you up to new experiences, new people, and different cultures.  For our students, ‘safari’ is where community is forged and learning becomes living.  Trips change from year to year, but Compass students who participate in the full 9-month program will experience a combination of the following:

Wilderness Excursion
Missional Travel
Weekly Field Trips
Traveling Abroad
Cross Country Road Trip

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