Setting The Course


Through Bible study, book discussion, and hands-on group projects, students will be gain a deeper understanding of who God is and wrestle with theological concepts that will impact their Christian worldview. No matter your future vocation, you are called to live in communion with God. You'll learn spiritual disciplines to show you how!


Servant leadership is a Christian philosophy that puts forth the idea that for one to lead, one must learn to serve. Compass values this kind of leadership. You will be encouraged to serve with humility and excellence in a variety of roles as you serve retreat guests, participate in outreach events, and volunteer in a local church.


Receive training on skills you'll use for the rest of your life:
Basic Car Maintenance
Resume Building
Conflict Resolution Training
Hospitality and Event Planning
Public Speaking
Budgeting and Finances

Compass students also earn Lifeguard and High Ropes Certifications


Sabbath rest is more than just a day off. It is a declaration that we are not to be enslaved to our work. Sabbath rest is so important that the Bible literally commands that we rest (4th Commandment). Therefore rest is an integral rhythm to our Compass program. We are committed to giving students regular time off to reflect on the past week and prepare the body, mind, and soul for the week ahead. In addition, our program also takes scheduled breaks at the following times:
Spring Break


The word ‘safari’ means:  an expedition to observe. Compass students are equipped to engage their world! Travel opens you up to new experiences, new people, and different cultures.  For our students, ‘safari’ is where community is forged and learning becomes living.  Trips change from year to year, but Compass students who participate in the full 9-month program will experience a combination of the following:

Wilderness Trip
Cross Country Road Trip
Traveling Abroad


For Life

Not all of our graduates will leave Compass knowing what to do with the rest of their lives, but they will leave knowing HOW to live the rest of their lives. Being prepared for that goal means cultivating a Christ-Centered faith, living in a nurturing community, and forging responsible character. Successful completion of this life-changing program will help set the stage for a successful launch into the next chapter of life.

Why Take A Gap Year?

Meet Guy Bratton

Guy has seen the transformation that occurs in a camp setting throughout his two decades in ministry. He brings to Compass a passion for life on life discipleship and a desire to walk alongside young people as they discern their calling. He has been in full-time Camp ministry for the past 20 years.

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