Learning a Legacy: Kayla’s Story

By: Jenn Myers

Posted: 9.30.21

Kayla is going into third grade, and 2021 was her first summer at Cho-Yeh. While she was new to Camp, her family was not.

“It’s my first year at Camp, but my dad came to this exact place when he was a kid. I’m really excited to be here!”

Kayla remembers hearing about all the fun her dad had at Camp, so she was beyond excited to experience it for herself. She was a bit nervous at first, but Kayla soon made a place for herself at Cho-Yeh. Her counselors and cabinmates nurtured community at meals, games, and Bible studies, and made sure everyone felt like they belonged.

“My counselors are super nice to us. They made us all feel welcomed. I’ve made really great friends in my cabin too. All of us like to do the activities together, and we laugh a lot.”

Soon, Kayla’s counselors became mentors to her and her cabinmates. As they bonded through making arts and crafts together and playing games, Kayla became open to learning from her counselors as well. Through modeling the qualities of compassionate leaders and fostering good discussions with campers, Kayla’s counselors taught her about who God is and who she is to Him. 

“Our counselors used cookies to talk to us about sin. They taught me that people see our sin differently than God does. I also learned that God sees us all as equal and loves us all, even though sometimes we do bad things. I think it’s good for us to see people that way too.”

Now, Kayla is more equipped than ever to take on any challenges that the world throws at her. Her week at Cho-Yeh helped her build meaningful relationships and learn lessons that will last a lifetime. As she continues to discover her identity in Christ and grow in her faith, character, and community, she will always have the legacy of Camp to remind her of where she’s been and where she’s going.