Learning Confidently: Amari’s Story

By: Jenn Myers

Posted: 8.13.21

Lots of kids think that learning takes a pause when the school year ends. But at Cho-Yeh, campers are constantly learning new things about themselves and God.

Amari came to Cho-Yeh for the first time in 2021. From the moment he arrived, he was eager to try out all of the unique activities that Camp has to offer. 

“I’m most excited to try all of the activities. There are so many things here that I’ve never done before. It’s all so exciting!”

In the midst of learning new skills, like rock climbing and tomahawk throwing, Amari also learned a lot about his potential. Amari was really scared to fly high on Cho-Yeh’s zipline, but he was determined to try his best. With some encouragement from his counselors and cabin mates, Amari overcame his fear and discovered that he was capable of more than he first thought.

“My favorite part of Camp was the zip line. It was super scary standing at the top of the platform, but it wasn’t scary anymore when I jumped. It felt so cool to fly through the air like that! I felt so free.”

Amari also learned a lot about who God is and how to live like Jesus. Through his counselors’ examples, silly skits, activities, and relevant Bible studies every day, Amari gained a better understanding of how much God loves him and how people can show that love to each other.

“I learned a lot about putting other people first. We watched it in the skits at Rally, then we talked about it in Bible Study with my counselors. Jesus never put Himself first, but He always served other people. I want to do that too.”

By the time Amari left Cho-Yeh, he had a new sense of confidence in himself and in God. Now, he is ready to continue putting what he learned into action as he heads back home. Amari is looking forward to trying more new things, sharing God’s love with others, and coming back to Camp next summer.

Campers’ experiences at Cho-Yeh always teach them new things about their capabilities, God’s power, and other powerful lessons that will last a lifetime. At the same time, Camp equips and empowers campers like Amari to continue growing in his character and faith beyond the summer as they grow into the next generation of Christian leaders.