Learning in Love: HannaH’s Story

By: Jenn Myers

Posted: 4.19.21

Everyone knows that Camp Cho-Yeh is a home to all sorts of fun adventures, but when staff serve at Camp for an entire summer, they learn lessons during their time at Camp that they bring with them into their future careers, relationships, and walk with God. Those who have found their way back to Cho-Yeh year after year are full of these stories.

2021 will be HannaH Vossen’s fifteenth summer at Cho-Yeh. After her time as a camper ended, HannaH spent time on Work Crew, leading the Kitchen Staff, as Admin Super, and managing the changes that the pandemic brought to Camp. This year, HannaH will be serving as a Student Nurse. While professional medical staff volunteer at Camp each week, Student Nurses serve alongside them throughout the summer to keep campers and staff healthy.

“I’m interested in the medical field, and I’m hoping to really dive into the Student Nurse side of things this summer and be able to devote more time to and take more ownership of that role.”

HannaH is a 2018 Cameron University alumna who currently works at Cameron in the Academic Testing Center. She hopes to use her biology degree to go to medical school one day, so she’s excited about all of the hands-on learning she’ll be able to do at Cho-Yeh this summer.

“I love this position because it really allows me to care for our staff. Working in the Health Center has given me the chance to serve them and love them in different ways as they do so much to make Camp awesome for our campers!”

HannaH’s Camp experiences at Cho-Yeh have already taught her many invaluable lessons about caring for others. Her time on staff has taught her about conflict resolution, organizational skills, the value of community, and, above all, how to use her gifts and talents to help others.

“Camp taught me how to serve. I have so much in this world, all because of Christ and His sacrifice, that there’s no reason to keep it all to myself. It’s just that simple. Camp is a tool and an incredibly gracious gift that the Lord has given us to do His work.”

Time on Summer Staff is not always easy, but those who spend a summer working at Camp Cho-Yeh always leave with far more knowledge, new skills, and fresh ideas than they came with. All of this helps them to become better learners, teachers, friends, and employees.

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