Learning Through Serving: Tracee’s Story

By: Jenn Myers

Posted: 2.15.22

Tracee is a rising high school senior from Grand Rapids, Minnesota. He first heard about Work Crew through some friends who were connected to Cho-Yeh. Soon enough, he was on a plane to Texas, where he would spend four weeks growing, learning, and serving.

“I was so nervous coming down to a new place where I didn’t know anyone, but by the first night I knew I’d be fine. We all got along so well. It gave me a sense of peace.”

Tracee quickly integrated himself into the community at Camp. His Work Crew Bosses made him feel like a valuable part of the team, and his coworkers encouraged him as they worked together each day.

“The thing that surprised me the most was how close we all got in such a short amount of time. The Bosses set the tone and contribute to the fun. The community with the rest of Work Crew and the other Summer Staff is really great too.”

Work Crew challenged Tracee in a lot of ways. The weeks were jam-packed with behind-the-scenes work to make Camp run smoothly. Still, every day provided new opportunities for everyone on Work Crew to learn, grow, and have fun together.

“My endurance has really grown since I’ve been here. I’ve learned a lot about working with others and have gained skills that I’ll definitely take with me after the summer.”

After his time on Work Crew came to an end, Tracee went home with a new skill set, community of friends, and desire to serve others. While Work Crew was certainly a challenging way for Tracee to spend his summer, he is so grateful for the ways that it has impacted him and his newfound friends.

“It’s definitely an experience worth having. I’d encourage anyone who is thinking about Work Crew to pray about it, then just apply!”

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