Making A Home At Cho-Yeh: Meet Our Out-Of-State Counselors

By: Hannah Jackson

Posted: 5.30.18

Our staff comes from all across the country to work at Camp Cho-Yeh. From coast-to-coast, staff flew, drove, and rode buses for hours to get to camp. Within our counselor staff alone, there are approximately twenty from outside of the state of Texas that all committed to live and work this summer in Livingston, Texas at Camp Cho-Yeh.

“I’d heard such good things about this place from friends that work here” first-time counselor, Cole Squyres said. “Cho-Yeh offers such an incredible variety of activities and challenge courses, it’s impressive! In my first week of staff training, it feels like home. Entering into a warm environment that is full of friendly faces and being surrounded by Jesus’ presence is so cool.”

Cole drove five hours from his hometown in West Monroe, Louisiana to experience Cho-Yeh. He attends Louisiana Tech University as an elementary education major. With his passion for kids, he is excited to be an Explorers’ counselor this summer. He is not alone in his joyful anticipation for campers to arrive.

Maryland resident and Coastal Carolina University student, Kylie Blevins took a three-and-a-half-hour flight from Maryland to Texas to spend her second summer at Camp Cho-Yeh. Kylie came across Cho-Yeh after searching online for a Christian summer camp to work at.

“It is such a God-thing of how I even ended up here” Kylie said. “I felt called to work at a camp so I did some research, came across Cho-Yeh, and decided to come to Texas for the first time to see what all the talk about this place was. Last summer changed my life. I found so much growth and learned what healthy community looks like. As I head into my second summer of working here, it is amazing to see what God can do in a community focused on Him. My heart feels in beat with these people.”

These are just two of the dozens of people that left their comfort zones to travel hundreds, some even thousands, of miles to experience Cho-Yeh. The community here is built from people of all different backgrounds, yet all united in one purpose: to create a place where lives are transformed. No matter how far away people come from, they find a place to belong at Cho-Yeh.