Oliver Davis: Why I Keep Coming Back To Camp

By: Abby Wyllie

Posted: 2.15.18

“I’ve been at Cho-Yeh for 13 years now, 10 as a camper and 3 as staff. Working at camp gives me the ability to appreciate and see the Lord work both at camp and when I am at school. When I see people with the joy of Christ it shows me that it can be just as easy to live a life for God everyday, even when I’m out of the camp bubble.

I come back every year because I think about all the years of amazing memories I have at camp and how many of those come from having awesome counselors. I want to be that counselor in the lives of kids so they too can have great memories, but more importantly so I can show them the love of God and how He has the ability to transform lives.

One moment from this past summer that impacted me was when one of my 9th grade boys came up to me towards the end of the week and asked me a ton of questions about my faith and my walk with Christ. It was truly special because he had been quiet all week and never showed much interest during any of our bible studies or devotionals. That experience showed me that even though kids may not seem like they’re listening or interested, our words still have an impact on them. It is truly amazing to see the impact that God’s love can have on a camper firsthand.

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