Overcoming Grief: Raniyah’s Story

By: Riley Dunson

Posted: 8.26.19

Sometimes, being away at camp for the first time can be a scary experience. However, for Raniyah, her first year of camp was nothing short of a great time. From facing her fears at high ropes, to getting competitive during AO Games, Raniyah had the time of her life; all while learning about the Lord. 

“I love camp.” Raniyah says. “Getting to come here meant I was coming to connect with the Lord, but in a really fun way.”

While at camp, Raniyah has learned what it truly means to trust God. Her life at home the past few years has been marked by a season of grief after losing her Grandfather. Her Grandfather was the spiritual Father of her family and after this loss it was hard to come to church and connect with God. 

“My family stopped going to church when my Grandfather passed away” she shared. “We were in a really emotional place and he was the heart of our family. He was the reason we went to church, and when he died it felt like we couldn’t go anymore.”

The grief of losing her Grandfather made it hard to connect with God but Raniyah’s time at Camp Cho-Yeh has given her opportunity to learn more about the Bible and that God will always be there. By being in a place where she was able to connect with God while having fun made a difficult situation more bearable.

“I still grieve even though it was 4 years ago, but I’ve learned that I have to let go and let God do His thing. From my time here I’ve learned to fully give my heart to the Lord and to love the people around me better.”

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