Overcoming Homesickness: Grant’s Story

By: Jenn Myers

Posted: 12.21.21

Coming to Camp for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience for new campers, especially when they haven’t spent much time away from home. Still, stepping out of one’s comfort zone and experiencing the unique fun of a week at Cho-Yeh helps build character, community, and faith as the next generation of Christian leaders rises up. 

Fifth-grader Grant is no exception to this. He came to Cho-Yeh for the first time in 2021. While he started his time at Camp homesick and a bit afraid, he quickly adapted to his new environment and began to find his place.

“I was pretty homesick when I first got here. I was doing a lot of fun things, but it was hard to be away from home. But soon, I started to make friends and I got a letter from my parents. It’s been so much fun since then.”

With some encouragement from his counselors and new friends, Grant overcame his homesickness. Soon enough, he was laughing the afternoon away and sharing snacks with his new friends at the Trading Post. After he conquered his homesickness, Grant continued to challenge himself to overcome fears.

“I really didn’t want to do Crud Wars at first — I was scared and didn’t want to get in the mud pit. But, it was super fun to do with my cabin. My counselors ran with me, and I’m glad I did it with my friends. I think it was my favorite part of Camp.”

Throughout the rest of the week, Grant grew in his confidence. His counselors cheered him on and he took advantage of trying all sorts of new activities that Camp had to offer him. After dominating the mud course at Crud Wars on Thursday night, Grant challenged himself to overcome another big fear on Friday.

“I’m scared of heights, but I really want to try the zipline. I’m excited to climb up to the top of the rockwall and zip off. I’m definitely scared, but I want to do it anyway.”

When his parents came to pick him up on Saturday, Grant went home with a new sense of confidence, ready to conquer any obstacle that stood in his way. By spending a week at Cho-Yeh and away from the comforts of home, he forged a sense of self-confidence, independence, and determination that he simply couldn’t get anywhere else. These characteristics will stay with him far beyond the summer and into the rest of his life.