Overcoming Homesickness: Mason’s Story

By: Hannah Jackson

Posted: 12.13.18

On Opening Day, fourth-grader, Mason was hesitant about being at Camp Cho-Yeh. He felt homesick for his parents and was unsure about staying the night away from family all week. Yet, by Monday morning, Mason was starting to enjoy camp because of the encouragement he received from his friends and counselors. Mason overcame his sadness by bravely deciding to stay the whole week. What Mason learned about God during the week was displayed in how he chose to act courageously during his time at camp.

“During Bible study, I learned about how you can do anything through Christ”, Mason said.

“I was able to push through missing my parents because of how I started to enjoy being at camp more and more. I know my mom is so proud of me for staying. Having friends that I knew from home also helped because they made it really fun.”

Mason shared how he enjoyed time at the Trading Post because it provided a space for him to come out of his shell by hanging out with his friends. As Mason become more comfortable, he became more confident. Mason began to branch out to become more engaged with his cabin as they experienced all sorts of adventures together throughout the week.

“The kid I met Sunday was completely different from the camper I had by the end of the week” said Cole Squyres, Mason’s counselor. “I am so proud of how he persevered through that first day and how he thrived at camp despite being homesick at first.”