Overflowing with Joy: Danyck and Braelyn’s Story

By: Joy Lester

Posted: 11.30.20

Sometimes joy just bubbles over.  Sometimes it’s so evident you can’t mistake it.

Two sisters couldn’t contain their excitement this summer after spending a week at Cho-Yeh during the pandemic.  The season of isolation had been hard on them, and even though neither parent had personally experienced camp growing up, they desperately desired for their girls to attend Cho-Yeh.

“Our kid want to have fun, make friends and be accepted, but for parents lately it has been really a challenge to find a safe environment to provide these conditions,” said  Fabiola, Danyck and Braelyn’s mom. With the added economic challenges of this year, this family thought the opportunity for Camp was out of reach. “Sending one of our girls to camp would’ve been very hard, two of them would’ve been impossible,” she added.

Faithful givers to the Camper Scholarship Fund – even during the pandemic – made it possible for this family to experience the love of hope of Christ.

“When I realized that Camp Cho-Yeah was not only offering a great Christian camp experience, but also scholarships, it was like an answered prayer, like a miracle.  We cannot thank enough to the generous donors that make it possible. 

Our girls were overflowing with joy after camp, especially the younger one that had to face the challenge of being away from us.”

Danyck and Braelyn’s parents sent daily letters and eagerly looked for pictures throughout the week.  They were thrilled to see smiles on faces and watch their girls make new friends.  Fabiola’s favorite was seeing her girls become more independent and learning to trust God on their own.

The whole family is counting down the days until they come back next summer!  Fabilola’s already started saving money to make it possible and is grateful for the donors who help ease the burden. One day she hopse to give others the same blessing of the scholarship her family has received.   For now she is bursting with thankfulness.

“Knowing that we will have the opportunity of provide this experience to our kids, even if we don’t have the financial means to do it , we pray God bless these donors abundantly and beyond.  Thank you again and again.” – Fabiola, Camper Mom