Paloma Garcia: The 5-Year Cross

By: Hannah Jackson

Posted: 6.5.18

During closing Cho-Gram two summers ago, Paloma Garcia’s name was called to join the other campers and staff returning for their fifth year at Camp Cho-Yeh. Here, she was presented her 5-Year cross, along with black and red beads; black representing sin, and red representing the redemptive blood of Jesus. This celebration reflects on the excitement and joy that accompanies years of memories and growth from this special place. It also gives campers and staff a physical reminder of their experiences at Cho-Yeh.

“We receive this cross to award us for coming back, but more so to remind us why we are coming,” Paloma said. “I know when I wear it, it reminds me to be in the word, to have a devo, or to think about God.”

This summer will be the seventh year at Cho-Yeh for Paloma’s and her twin sister, Mighty. They both returned as summer staff and this summer is their second year on staff. During this year’s closing day ceremony, they will each get their blue bead, which represents baptism. In recognizing these specific elements, Paloma has learned to include Christ in moment-to-moment situations.

“I return each year to give back because I have received so much love from this place” Paloma said. “I see it as a triangle of relationships. Cho-Yeh people push me towards God, I push them towards God, and together, we both become closer friends as we both seek after God. It’s amazing to see how I first came to camp to find and grow my relationship with Christ, but now I come to give back and help others find and grow in Christ.”