Passionate about Cho-Yeh: Allison’s Story

By: Allison

Posted: 12.8.20

Camp Cho-Yeh has been a place I have visited my whole life as it’s nestled in my hometown.  I’ve had the opportunity to watch Camp grow and expand into what it is today.   The older I got, the more I realized this was a place I desired to send my kids someday.  

Now I’m a mom of 3 boys.  And while we’ve gone to a variety of summer camps over the years, Cho-Yeh is the only one my boys beg to come back to each year.  What’s even more fun is that they are excited to invite their friends.  At Campy Christmas this year, Reid had 7 friends join us here – a whole cabin full!

Some years my kids have gone without knowing anyone ahead of time, and that’s been a good experience too.  The counselors are great at making everyone feel included, like they belong. Those years my kids have come home with lots of new friends – even exchanging phone numbers by the end of the week!

Connor and Reid started coming to Cho-Yeh when they were 6- and 8-years old. Naturally I was nervous when I dropped them off. As a mom, I think we’ll always be a little worried about sending our children somewhere new.  It was the same feeling I had when I left them for kindergarten. 

At the same time, I was also peaceful because I trusted the staff at Camp Cho-Yeh.  Sometimes giving our kids space to grow in independence is harder for us than them.  Each night when I scrolled through the hundreds of pictures in the parent account, I was reminded of the great time they were having.

I love that Camp teaches my kids responsibility – yay for having to make their beds each day! I love the fun and exciting activities offered for each age group, and of course I love all of this being centered around Christ.  Knowing that they are having fun while growing in their understanding of God is so comforting.  

Connor and Reid have been coming to camp for 4 years. Drew gets to start next year!  If you are thinking about sending your child to Camp for the first time, I’m sure you have lots of questions. 

My family is passionate about Cho-Yeh.  I’m so excited about my new role here to talk with new families about any of their worries or concerns they may have about sending their child for a week or two this summer. Please email me at if you’d like to chat.  Hope to see you this summer!

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