A Place To Grow: Ethan’s Story

By: Hannah Jackson

Posted: 10.22.18

Campers at Cho-Yeh enjoy a jam-packed week overflowing with outdoor adventures and space to grow and pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus; all alongside the close-knit community created within a cabin. In the midst of all this activity, one ninth grade boy finds rest. With Lighthouse Point as the backdrop, Ethan has the chance to sit down with a clear view of the sunset stretching across the lake.

“Going out to Lighthouse Point and sitting in the water, it just feels nice and is so calm,” Ethan said. “Camp is such a fun atmosphere but then there are these really peaceful moments mixed in. Moments like this, looking out over the water and just having a chance to let who God is sink in are my favorite memories of my time at Cho-Yeh. Just by taking in the sunset, this reminds me of His greatness.”

The past four summers, Ethan has returned to Cho-Yeh to find rest in God’s great love. Ethan experienced first-hand how powerful spending a week unplugged and surrounded with God’s creation can be in this special place. Even more than this, Ethan found such encouragement from experiencing camp alongside the boys and counselors in his cabin.

“Both of my counselors are calm in the midst of the chaos that can come with getting an entire cabin of high school boys from activity to activity” Ethan said. “They are always asking how we feel, making sure we are okay, and they are very caring and always willing to help out. My counselors impacted me from the way they serve and uplift me. What keeps me wanting to come back to Cho-Yeh are the counselors and the opportunity to spend a week learning more about who God is.”