Retreats – “Top Retreat locations in Houston, Texas”

Camp Cho-Yeh is the perfect location to host your overnight event. Cho-Yeh’s retreat center is just over an hour from Houston, Texas in a beautiful pine tree location. Our retreat center is planted right in the middle of serene nature and can host retreat groups of various sizes, up to 800. Our top facilities provide amazing experiences, activities, and events for youth, college students, adults, and families. There is truly something for every age group here at Cho-Yeh’s retreat facilities. The housing, meeting spaces, recreation, dining, and group types offered makes Cho-Yeh the top retreat location in Texas. Here is a closer look at what our location just outside of Houston has to offer.

Why our Housing Facilities make us the Top Retreat Location in Texas (near Houston)

The facilities at Camp Cho-Yeh are equipped to host and accommodate all kinds of groups. The variety of housing options in this location allows for each group to stay comfortably, while enjoying group bonding in the context of shared living. The housing facilities offered by Cho-Yeh include Cottages, Retreat Center Lodge, Magnolia Cabin, Dogwood Cabin, Yurts, Rustic Cabins, and a Woodland Retreat. This wide array of cabining allows for retreat group to fully enjoy a secluded pine tree campsite experience in Texas. Check out the retreat facilities page of Cho-Yeh’s website to view all the specific number of people each option can stay overnight at our location. Camp Cho-Yeh offers the widest variety to meet the need of retreat groups, making us the Top Retreat location in Texas.

Why our Meeting Spaces make us the top Retreat location in Texas

Once a retreat group books their stay in one of Cho-Yeh’s housing options, the use of one meeting facility is included in that pricing. However, meeting spaces can also be rented out for stand-alone use. Cho-Yeh is set up to accommodate any need a group could want in a meeting space. The meeting spaces are located all over camp, to be convenient to the location of a retreat group’s housing or primary area of focus during their time at camp. These spaces include one-to-two meeting spaces in the Hollow Region, in the Hill Region, and in the Ridge Region of camp. The Retreat Center is equipped with three meeting rooms and a Pine Room and Annex that is perfect for dining. Lastly, Cho-Yeh offers a variety of outdoor locations surrounded by pine trees, including Cypress Grove Amphitheater, Reed Outdoor Chapel, and multiple prayer platforms throughout Camp. The options of unique meeting spaces help create a one-of-a-kind experience for our retreat guests at camp, making us the top Retreat location in Houston, Texas.

Why our Recreation make us the top Retreat location in Texas

At Camp Cho-Yeh, the uniqueness of our activities and recreation options enhances the camp experience to create exciting outdoor adventures. Cho-Yeh is one of few locations with such a diverse offering of activities for overnight retreat guests. Some of the campers’ all-time favorite recreation options include the Adventure Park, Aquatics Center, which includes a huge Wet Willie slide and Wet Bubble, and Lake Evelyn, which has a blob, ziplines, and bouncy inflatables. Another activity unique to Cho-Yeh is the giant Mud Coarse. Other favorite outdoor activities of overnight retreat guests at Cho-Yeh include paintball, skeet shooting, archery tag, rockwall and zipline, crate stacking, and so much more. All these features together create an incredible environment for teens and adults to step out of their comfort zones to try something new and to achieve personal growth through taking on an outdoor adventure. The way the activities are used as learning tools makes our recreation the top Retreat location near Houston in Texas.

Why our Dining Service make us the top Retreat location near Houston in Texas

Cho-Yeh’s dining hall experience is one of the top parts of overnight retreat guests. We understand how important meeting the physical needs are in order to minister to the spiritual needs of those who come through our facilities. With this in mind, we offer a wide spread of food options at meal time so that everyone is fed well. We are passionate about serving great-tasting food, and so we are constantly working on ways to improve our menu. Most meals are served by plated buffet from our serving line just inside our kitchen. Camp Cho-Yeh provides accommodations for any food allergies or special diets. Our round tables in the Pine Room provide great spaces for relationship building and for growing group connections. These are just some of the ways our dining services makes us the top Retreat location in Texas.

Why our Group Types make us the Houston top Retreat location

At Camp Cho-Yeh, our Retreat Center is available to host a variety of different overnight group types near Houston, Texas. Our facilities allow us to host groups up to 800 in one location, so we are equipped and ready for a variety of retreat guests. Most commonly, but not limited to, we host youth groups, church groups, Catholic retreats, school groups, confirmation groups, organizations, corporate meetings, banquets, and Presbyterian conclaves. No matter what type of event you are looking to put on, your group belongs Cho-Yeh’s top facilities. Retreat groups of all ages are able to enjoy unique outdoor adventures, team building, and engage in meaningful relationships as they grow in community and step outside their comfort zones to push towards personal growth. The variety of overnight group types that come through bring a unique diversity to Cho-Yeh, making us the top Houston Retreat location (Texas).