Our Facilities

Standard Lodging

Camp Cho-Yeh has a variety of cabins, meeting spaces and activities to accommodate your next retreat. Our Standard option features the use of our Traditional Cabins and Retreat Center Lodge.

Our cabins feature spacious front porches, central heating and cooling and interior bathrooms. They can typically sleep up to 20 people in bunk beds and are in clusters of 3-5 per campsite. Each site has its own campfire circle, and is far enough away from other cabins to feel secluded, but close enough for large groups to be able to use multiple campsites easily.

Cabin Stats

  • 20 beds per cabin **Some variations exist
  • 21 cabins
  • 3-5 cabins per cluster
  • 5 clusters
  • 388 total beds

The Lodge is one of our most versatile facilities serving groups of all ages. This is dormitory style with bunk beds and one queen sized bed to be used by couples or families. It is available for groups year-round and features easy access to meeting spaces, dining facilities, recreation areas and parking.

Lodge Stats

  • 8 beds per room (4 sets of bunk beds, 1 bed is a queen and 7 are twin beds)
  • 20 rooms
  • 160 total beds


Economy Lodging

Our historic Rustic Cabins give you the classic camp experience. Our tree houses and A-frames both feature a truly unique experience in our beautiful scenery. Both feature basic heating and cooling and nearby bathhouses.

The tree houses sleep 14 people in bunk beds. They are situated in adjacent pairs which share a single-gender bathhouse. There is an additional tree house that can be used as a leader’s cabin that has a small interior bathroom.

Tree House Stats

  • 14 beds per tree house
  • 2 cabins per section
  • 8 tree houses total
  • 117 total beds in tree houses

The A-frames sleep 12 people in bunk beds and are also grouped in pairs with a single-gender bathhouse nearby.

A-Frame Stats

  • 12 beds per A-frame
  • 2 cabins per section
  • 4 A-frames total
  • 48 total beds in A-frames


We have many different meeting facilities varying in size and location to fit your group’s needs. We try to accommodate the best facility for your group, but requests for particular rooms may be granted based on availability.

Basic media equipment is available upon request, however, if your group plans to use a complex sound system, we recommend that you bring a system that you know will meet your needs.

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