Scholarship Impact: Jill Treadwell

By: Abby Wyllie

Posted: 6.3.19

Every summer there are children that are able to come to Cho-Yeh because of the generous scholarship funds that are available. One of those campers was Jill Treadwell. Jill didn’t grow up with much exposure to Church so her time at Cho-Yeh was not just an introduction to Camp, but to Christ himself.

Jill (left) as a young camper.

Jill’s first summer at Cho-Yeh was when she was 6 years old. Camp wouldn’t have been possible in her life without a scholarship and as she grew older, she worked to cover the other half of her Camp tuition by babysitting. She looked forward to her time at Cho-Yeh as a camper so much that she and her Mom would make a countdown calendar when Camp was 2 months away.

“I found a home for the past 12 years”

Jill (left) as a camper.

Her time at Camp changed everything for her. Her walk with Christ started here and every year it continues to flourish as a result of the time she spends here. The relationships she built at Camp helped her see the types of friendships she needed to cultivate at home. She made changes in her relationships and was intentional about finding people who would build up her faith in Christ.

Jill’s time as a camper was so impactful that she knew she wanted to give back to the place that gave her so much. The counselors that she had at Camp are people she still keeps in contact with and they have helped shape who she is in Christ. When she began college at Texas A&M she knew exactly how she wanted to spend her summers, working at Cho-Yeh. She served on work crew and is now in her second year of Summer Staff. 

Jill (far right) during staff training 2019.

She wants to impact the lives of her campers. She knows firsthand the impact that Cho-Yeh can have on the trajectory of a person’s life and she wants to be a part of that for other kids.

Her desire to give back to Cho-Yeh doesn’t stop at serving during the summers…once she has a job post college she plans to donate to the camper scholarship fund so more children like her can be impacted by Camp.

“I want to show gratitude towards the people that helped fund my scholarships to camp by giving back to Cho-Yeh.”

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