Serve: Kaleh Family

By: Abby Wyllie

Posted: 4.10.18

          “Cho-Yeh has given us so much and it is nice to be able to give back.” -Corynn, 5 year camper

As a family we have received so much from Cho-Yeh and we love having the ability to give back. In the 9 years my children have attended camp, it has been exciting to see the camp grow, not only have I watched physical expansion and an increase in the number of campers, but I am amazed at the number of scholarships given yearly. Since I am a Polk County resident, I am so thankful for the ways I see the camp invest in the community around them. Camp Cho-Yeh makes a difference and it is a blessing to get to be a part of that.

Every year we serve at volunteer work weekend and we always look forward to seeing people from different places and walks of life that have also been impacted by Camp Cho-Yeh. We have worked alongside other camper families, current Cho-Yeh staff, former staff and counselors, and former campers. We enjoy participating as a family so that our children get to experience this and the collaboration with others to accomplish our work team’s goals for the weekend.

We serve at Camp Cho-Yeh because we love Camp Cho-Yeh – the place and the people! After our family and church life, Camp Cho-Yeh ranks at the top for profoundly impacting our children for the positive. It encourages them in their walk with Christ, it puts them in new situations with new people, requiring social growth. They have counselors they look up to that pour into them and encourage them. They both return home physically exhausted but renewed. The impact on our children makes the opportunity to serve so special to our family.

Pray, Serve, Give