Sidnee Crowley: Why YOU Should Work at Camp

By: Abby Wyllie

Posted: 2.27.18

Deciding how to spend your summers during college can be stressful. First year Staffer Sidnee Crowley shares why she thinks YOU should work at Cho-Yeh.

“Camp is a good environment to be in and you will meet a lot of really interesting people. Helping campers and influencing their faith is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.”

When you are in college it is easy to get distracted by the pressures of society. Serving at camp takes away distractions and makes it easier to focus on Christ and helping others.

“Working at Camp gets your mindset focused on following Christ rather than the world.”

Sidnee’s favorite part of working at camp is the connections she has made with her campers. Read about one of her favorite moments from last summer:

“My cabin truly started bonding during girls’ night. As counselors we had begun to share our testimonies with our campers but not everyone had a chance to share yet. As a cabin we decided to take some time at girls’ night for us as counselors to finish telling our stories in order to prepare the girls for devo time. We felt that it was very important for them to know about the struggles that we had gone through so our campers would be able to relate in case they had gone through a similar struggle. As we encouraged each other and dove deeper into our bond with our campers we completely lost track of time. It was in that moment that I think the bonding that we had already experienced reached a new level. We grew to love each other so much in such a short time and it is a week I will always remember.”

Take a leap of faith with us this summer and spend your days cultivating faith, nurturing community, and forging character. Apply today!

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