Space to Grow: A Mom and Daughter’s Story

By: Hannah Jackson

Posted: 5.6.19

Listening to a family friend’s recommendation to send her daughter, Katie, to Cho-Yeh for a week of summer camp was the best decision for both Katie and her mom, Kelly. They first visited Cho-Yeh’s Family Fun Day in April to get a taste of what Cho-Yeh had to offer. Their response was to go home and register Katie to attend as a camper that very summer. Now, as a second-year camper, both mom and daughter plan for Cho-Yeh to continue being a central part of their summer.

“My Cho-Yeh experience has been the best thing in the world!” Katie said. “I came back to Cho-Yeh because it is such an awesome camp with some of the best counselors. Cho-Yeh is an incredible place to connect with God and make meaningful relationships with your friends.”

This summer, Katie invited and brought two of her close friends to join her in this experience. Living together in cabin for a week in a camp environment helped make their friendships stronger.

“I love that I was able to share the wonder of Camp Cho-Yeh with my best friends” Katie said. “We all grew to appreciate God’s love more deeply from this shared time. I learn so much about myself when I am at camp. I have a new understanding about hard work, determination, strength, compassion, and loyalty.”

Attending Cho-Yeh has given Katie new insight into her relationship with Jesus. It also provides tools for strengthening her character and continuing to deepen this relationship. When Katie returns home after a week at camp, her mom, Kelly, notices the growth taking place in her daughter.

“Camp is an excellent opportunity for Katie to become more independent” Kelly said. “The guidance she receives during her week away from her father and I helps give her an avenue to develop into a responsible young woman. Camp gives Katie space to grow in a loving and safe environment. Her love for Jesus definitely continues to become stronger because of the lessons she has learned at Camp Cho-Yeh.”