Pathfinders (Entering Grades 6-8)

Meaningful Relationships and Outdoor Adventures!

Junior High students have the opportunity to unplug from electronic devices and busy schedules to focus on teamwork and communication while engaging in unique outdoor activities that challenge their limits. High-quality college students serve as excellent role models that help campers wrestle with faith questions and strengthen Biblical understanding. Campers in this age group will develop a clearer sense of how God has made them individually, allowing them to consider their identity in a critical time in their personal development.

“Our children had a wonderful time and were different when they came home, in a good way. They seem calmer, quieter, more considerate, less focused on themselves and more on others.” – Camper Parent

Favorite Activities for Pathfinders




Grab a buddy and soar through the air with this Camp classic. This thrilling activity will have you coming back for hours and hours. Located in Lake Evelyn, the Blob is available during afternoon activity periods, Flex Time and during H2Cho Mania!

Wet Bubble

Ever wanted to climb your way to the top of a giant, slippery trampoline? Cho-Yeh's here to help! Surrounded by a shallow mini pool, the Wet Bubble lets you pull yourself to the top and bounce your way back down with a splash!

Trading Post

From Cho-Critters to Blue Bell, the Trading Post will have everything you need. There is plenty of space to sit and chat or play a game of cards with your friends. Hang out and relax while building meaningful relationships.

Lighthouse Point

Named after its iconic four-story lighthouse, Cho-Yeh's lakefront property features over 1200 feet of scenic shoreline and sandy beaches! Kick back in a hammock, kayak across the waterfront, or dodge the waves on a Cho-Yeh banana boat. With a wide variety of activities and an unbeatable sunset view, Lighthouse Point is sure to have something for everyone!

Pirate Raids

There's only one mission on a Cho-Yeh Pirate Ship: soak every camper in sight! Tour camp aboard a trailer loaded with super soakers and water balloons, stopping at each activity to soak anyone in your path! On a Cho-Yeh Pirate Raid, everyone is a target, and nobody is safe...

Lake Evelyn

Sometimes muddy, but never boring, Lake Evelyn is an easy way to beat the summer heat! Packed with bouncy inflatables, rope swings, and multiple blobs, guests will have the opportunity to splash, swing, and fish their way through the lake during designated activity periods and H2Cho Mania!

Fire Building

Want to learn how to start a fire with a piece of glass? We'll show you how! During this activity, campers will gain basic survival and fire building skills as they learn to kindle and ignite a flame with the natural tools available!


Grab your team and light 'em up on our epic paintball course! Your instructor will teach you basic safety and strategy, but it's up to your team to work together, fight hard, and make victory yours!

NOTE: Paintballs are not dangerous, but will most likely leave bruises or welts when hit. Long sleeves and pants are recommended for this activity.

Rockwall and Zip

Pull yourself to new heights and conquer your fears on our 45-foot climbing tower, or get a quick adrenaline rush on the Cho-Yeh Zip Line! Certified instructors will be available to show you the ropes and make sure everyone stays safe!


This classic activity is as old as camp itself! Step onto our range and learn proper marksmanship from a seasoned instructor, then put your skills to the test!

High Ropes Adventure Park

With 2 levels and 44 elements, this unique high ropes course is a challenge for any skill level! Improve your balance and team communication as our certified ropes staff facilitate the experience, making sure everyone stays safe and has a blast!


Campers will harness up on this giant swing and be lifted high above the ground, where they'll choose exactly when they want to drop. Once the release is pulled, a thrilling ride is guaranteed - it's called the Screamer for a reason!

Archery Tag

Move fast and dodge quickly in this fast-paced game of elimination! Grab your team and work together as you fire rubber-tipped arrows at the opposition in a variety of exciting game modes!

Stand Up Paddleboard

Enjoy the Lake Livingston sunset with a relaxing paddle around the waterfront! Test your balance and paddling skills on one of our boards, available at any Lighthouse Point activity period!

“All I know is when I pick my daughter up, she is happy, confident, and stronger in her faith. I value being able to send her somewhere without her parents where she can be independent and develop healthy, spiritual relationships with other kids and adults apart from her parents.” – Camper Parent

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