Work Crew

What is Work Crew?

Work Crew is a 4-week program designed for 17-18 year olds who want to be a part of the Cho-Yeh staff! Over the course of four incredible weeks, you’ll experience bigger challenges, better friendships, deeper faith. Be challenged to grow both personally and spiritually as you learn skills that will benefit you for college and beyond.  You can also earn up to 100 hours of community service to use on your college applications and scholarships!  Ready for the best summer of your life?

2020 Term Options

  • Term 1: May 30th-June 27th
  • Term 2: June 20th-July 18th
  • Term 3: July 11th-August 9th

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Cultivating Faith

Work Crew will critically evaluate and develop a personal ownership of their faith as they learn, discuss, and explore their theology. Campers and staff will begin to discern God’s call in their lives and develop the ability to lead others in worship, prayer, and Bible studies.

Nurturing Community

Work Crew will apply conflict resolution skills and learn to interpret the actions of others in the best possible light. An emphasis will be placed on teamwork and service, with a focus on understand that servant leadership involves setting examples for others through giving of oneself. It is not about directing others or telling them what to do but rather considering how best to serve one another.

Forging Character

Work Crew will develop the ability to be creative, joyful and optimistic in the midst of difficulties or unexpected circumstances, and will demonstrate that exercising good judgment is difficult when faced with moral dilemmas or unfavorable outcomes.  They will develop a strong work ethic as they learn how to follow through with commitments and persevere through discomfort or feelings of apathy.

If you have questions regarding the Work Crew program please contact Marcus Taylor at or (936)243-4931.  For more information on the job expectations, check out our job description.

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