CLT – Christian Leadership Training (Ages 16-17)

Intentional Challenges and Deeper Faith

This capstone experience for our oldest campers offers 16 and 17 year olds the opportunity to pursue unique outdoor adventure, overcome physical challenges, and develop a personal understanding of the Gospel through intensive Bible study.  The 2-week Christian Leadership Training held partly on the wilderness property of Camp Eagle is intentionally designed to help campers grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, all while developing deep friendship through shared experiences.  Camp Cho-Yeh’s vision is to grow up the next generation of Christian leaders. Our hope is that CLT campers will walk away with a strong desire to know and serve God, and an understanding of how to live as men and women that others will want to follow.

“The two weeks that I spent during CLT really made me value the little everyday blessings that I have. I also believe that my relationship with Christ grew immensely during the trip. I would completely recommend this trip to others, and I plan to see my younger brothers go through CLT like I did.” – 6th Year Camper

Away from the comforts of home – and even the comforts of Cho-Yeh – campers will experience a technology-free opportunity to grow in self-confidence, joy, and their identity in Christ.  The once-in-a-lifetime adventure allows campers to overcome personal crisis points with the love and support of highly trained, compassionate college students who will live out their authentic faith side-by-side with your child.


River Edition

The River Trip is a once in a lifetime, epic adventure for both experienced and first time paddlers. We’ll prepare for the river at the Eagle Quest base camp, and then we’ll hit the road with kayaks in tow. With all our food and gear loaded on our boats, we will set off down a 60 mile stretch of the Pecos River, camping each night along the way. This trip is a bit wilder than the Trail Edition, and is a little farther from civilization. You’ll have to rely on your group, you’ll battle the elements and you’ll paddle every inch of the pristine and remote river to make it to the end. There’s also going to be plenty of fun along the way; we’ll enjoy swimming, fishing, climbing, cliff jumping, rapids and incredible views of the best oasis Texas has to offer. Space is limited to 12 campers on each river trip.

Trail Edition

“CLT Trail Edition” is a hiking and camping adventure experience of a lifetime. We’ll spend the first night at base camp where we prepare gear, packs and food for the trail. The next morning the adventure begins! You’ll get to experience huge zip lines, climb 50 foot rock faces, brave unique challenge course elements, explore a secret cave, and swim in the crystal clear Nueces River among many other great adventures! Beyond all the extreme experiences there will be incredible views to gaze upon, creative team-building exercises to complete, interesting wildlife to spot along the way, a Texas night sky that is to die for, and meaningful Bible Studies and discussions about faith that will challenge you to grow.

CLT Combo Edition

“CLT Combo Edition” is a hybrid trip that will include elements of both the Trail and River Trips. Campers will spend half of their time at Camp Eagle doing a portion of the River trip, and the other half of their time doing a portion of the Trail trip. This is a great opportunity to experience some elements of both trips. With this trip, you don’t have to decide between the two!


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