Frequently Asked Questions

Health & Safety

Will my child be safe while at camp?

While there is always a fundamental risk to being at camp, Cho-Yeh’s number one priority is the safety of our campers, guests and staff. As an ACA accredited camp, we work within the standards set by the American Camp Association to make sure our safety standards and practices are the best that they can be. The health and welfare of our camp community will always be our top concern. Read through our Child Protection Plan for more information.

What does ACA accreditation mean?

The main purpose of the ACA accreditation program is to educate camp owners and directors in the administration of key aspects of camp operation, particularly those related to program quality, and the health and safety of campers and staff. The standards establish guidelines for needed policies, procedures, and practices. The camp is responsible for ongoing implementation of these policies. ACA accreditation assists parents in selecting camps that meet industry-accepted and government-recognized standards.

What happens if my child gets sick/injured while at camp?

It is our hope that every camper will remain healthy and fully able to participate in all aspects of camp life. Just in case, though, Cho-Yeh’s Health Center is staffed by medical professionals 24 hours a day all summer long. We supervise the provision of medication at each meal. Want more details, check out Health & Wellness.

How will medication (prescription or OTC), be dispensed during the camp session?

All medications will be dispensed by our onsite Medical Staff during the session. Medications are typically dispensed during breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime.  In an effort to make the medication distribution process more manageable, we are asking parents to only send prescription or essential over-the-counter medications. Please do not send vitamins or dietary supplements unless prescribed by a doctor. Campers and staff are not allowed to keep any medications in their cabins. Please be sure to check in all medications to our Health Center during Check-In on Sunday.

How does Cho-Yeh deal with homesickness?

Homesickness is a reality of overnight camping, but one of the unique experiences of camping is allowing campers to gain a sense of independence. All of our counselors go through an extensive staff training before the summer begins that includes helping with a homesick camper. If a camper is homesick, our counselors will do their best to comfort the camper. If the homesickness persists the campsite supervisor will talk with the camper and will connect with parents to find the best strategies for helping the camper through the session. Although we have campers each session who will wrestle with some homesickness, it is extremely rare that a camper will need to be sent home. Campers who stick it out will gain an incredible sense of independence!

How does Cho-Yeh accommodate allergies?

As safety of your children is a priority of ours, we need to know about any allergies your child may have. Please provide these details on your Health History form and be as specific as possible with the information to allow us to be prepared to accommodate your camper’s allergy. For more information on specific food allergies, check out our Food and Nutrition page.

Can my child attend camp with ADD/ADHD?

Many children with ADD/ADHD are here at camp. We handle this medication for campers just as if it were any other medical treatment. Please be sure to note the ADD/ADHD on the Health History form and turn in any medications to the Health Center.

Can my child attend camp if he/she has specific medical needs?

Camp Cho-Yeh is capable of accommodating some specific medical needs. Please contact the office, (936) 328-3200, to discuss your camper’s needs and how we can work together to make camp a successful experience.

My child still wets the bed occasionally, does this mean he/she is not ready for camp?

Bed wetting is a common reality for many children at camp and several campers wear pull-ups. Some campers, depending on the age, are very self-conscious about this and don’t want anyone to know that they are wearing a pull-up. This is not a problem. Our bathrooms are set up in such a way that campers can put on and take off the pull-up privately. When dropping your camper off, just let the counselor know and they can help keep it discrete. If your child does have an accident at camp, our counselors quietly go back to the cabin after everyone has left and bring the bedding to the nurse to wash. Bedding is brought back to the cabin before anyone comes back.

Can Cho-Yeh accommodate a camper with special needs?

While we are not equipped to handle campers requiring one-on-one attention, we are able to accommodate some special needs campers. Please give us a call in the office to discuss your camper’s specific needs.


What is the selection process for staff?

We take a great deal of pride in the selection of our staff. Prospective counselors go through a comprehensive application process which includes a background check, an intensive application, references and a personal interview with one of the camp staff. An extensive training program is provided at the start of the summer season. Staff members are trained on topics such as child development, how to recognize, prevent, and take action against bullying, behavior management, risk management, emergency procedures, Bible Study, and much more. During the summer, staff are supervised and evaluated by members of our camp leadership team and full-time staff. Check out Our Staff page for more information.

What is Cho-Yeh's camper to counselor ratio?

We strive to provide the best possible experience for your child. We carefully recruit and screen to cultivate the most adept counselor staff possible. While there are some variations from time to time, the vast majority of our cabins maintain a 6:1 camper to counselor ratio. This allows us to create a meaningful experience and maximize the time campers get to spend with their role models in small groups. Check out Our Staff page for more information.


Does Cho-Yeh offer scholarships?

Yes! It is our heart at Cho-Yeh that finances never prevent a child from experiencing Camp! Check out how to apply or how to give.

Do Camp fees have to be paid all at once or can I pay in installments?

Families may pay out their camp fees over a period of time. All fees must be paid in full no later than 30 days prior to your session. Contact the Cho-Yeh office, (936) 328-3200, for questions regarding payments and balances due.

Camp Life

What does a typical day look like at Cho-Yeh?

Campers stay busy at camp! From Bible Study, team competition, activities, and evening programs to cabin devotional at bedtime, our day is packed with fun! Check out our Daily Schedule!

Can I call or visit my camper?

One of the most significant elements of the camp experience is learning independence. It’s hard to be apart, however, kids adjust to camp life much more easily than we often assume. Typically, we find that there are many more kidsick parents than homesick campers! If a camper does become homesick, hearing a parent’s voice can intensify sad feelings. Therefore, we do not have campers talk to parents on the phone or allow visitation from parents.

Does Cho-Yeh allow phones, video games, or other electronic devices?

Kids spend on average 52 hours a week in front of an electronic screen. We believe in teaching kids how to be extraordinary without being tied to electronic screens, so we do not allow phones, video games or other electronic devices, with the exception of digital cameras. This policy gives children the gift of a technology free environment — a place where campers, counselors, and staff are fully present with each other, transporting them to a place where we can forge relationships that last a lifetime.

Does Cho-Yeh allow cabin mate requests?

Absolutely! Campers may submit up to two names for their cabin mate request. The campers requesting each other must be no more than ONE grade/year apart. While we do our best to honor cabin mate requests, we cannot guarantee that your request will be granted. We will allow for a group of 3 to request to bunk together so no camper is left out. If there are 4 or more total campers wishing to be housed together, the parents must decide among themselves how to split the group into 2 or more groups of campers.

Are the cabins air-conditioned?

YES! All indoor facilities are equipped with A/C and heat.

What happens when it rains while my child is at camp?

If the rain is light and steady, and there is no risk of lightning, campers will still be able to walk to the activities and programs planned for the day. Our full-time staff monitor the weather at all times and check to make sure lightning and heavy rain is outside of the set range around camp. If lightning does happen to come within the designated range, then we will make sure all the campers and staff are safe inside a building.  We will then proceed with pre-planned activities that are in place in the occasion of needing to be indoors.

First-Time Families

May we see Camp before my child comes?

Cho-Yeh hosts Camp Tour Days throughout the spring. These are free events to come and check out Camp Cho-Yeh! It is a great opportunity to bring your children to see what camp is like before they come for their session. The Cho-Yeh staff will be available for any questions you may have. Tours typically take about an hour. Individual tours can also be scheduled by calling the Cho-Yeh Office, (936) 328-3200, and are available during the week as well as on weekends. Once the camp season begins in June, tours will not be given while summer campers are on site.

Does Cho-Yeh suggest any other resources for helping families send their child to Camp?

Cho-Yeh recommends an excellent resource book named “The Summer Camp Handbook”. It has wonderful pointers on what to look for in choosing a camp, how you know if your camper is ready, and how to handle homesickness.

The Camper Experience