Our Staff

What Sets Us Apart

At Camp Cho-Yeh, we are fully committed to selecting, hiring, training, and equipping young men and women who not only desire to love and lead children, but who earnestly seek to love and serve the Lord.

Meaningful Relationships

Everything we do at Cho-Yeh revolves around building and maintaining meaningful relationships. Our counselors’ primary responsibility is to not only love each camper with the love of Christ, but to also construct the solid foundation on which campers feel safe, understood, and empowered.

Our counselors serve as the hands and feet of Jesus as they connect with our campers on a personal level, seeking to come alongside them and meet them where they are in their faith. These young men and women are excellent role models who are examples of living out authentic faith.

Our hope is that we would provide and cultivate an environment that allows our counselors to wholly invest into each of their campers. This opportunity is mainly due to our ratio of 6:1 campers to counselor.

Our summer camp is heavily structured around fun, activities, and programs. We are confident that these are tools that the Lord has given us to reach campers. The operating force behind all of these things is our counselors. Partnering with these young adults allows our campers to have people to look up to, model after, and witness the reflection of Christ.

Hiring Process

The search for camp counselors is a thorough process which begins as soon as the previous summer is complete. Starting in the Fall, our team embarks upon the recruiting trail where they spend several months marketing to top schools around Texas and across the country to seek out the best candidates.

During the application process, candidates are asked about their beliefs, daily walk with the Lord, experience with kids, and why they wish to work at camp. Reference and background checks are performed on all of our employees.

Fully Trained Staff

While camp is typically viewed as a ministry directed toward the development of children, it is also a highly effective environment for college-aged staff. Our counselors are strengthened in their faith as they guide and mentor the campers.

Before campers ever arrive, our entire staff spends two weeks at camp preparing for the summer. Hours are spent learning and teaching the Bible study curriculum that they will soon deliver, discuss, and dissect with campers. Full days are devoted to familiarizing our staff with every activity so that they may effectively lead and debrief each one. As well, counselors will go through several workshops that offer knowledge and instruction about communication, child protection policies, leadership, and serving – all of which are led by our full-time staff.

The Camper Experience