Do you get paid to work at Camp?

Yes! First year summer staff gets paid $100 for staff training and $240/week during the summer. While you are working at Cho-Yeh you have minimal expenses as your housing and meals (besides during your time off) are covered. There is also an opportunity to receive up to a $1500 scholarship, just for working at Camp. If you are coming from a long distance, there are options for assistance with your flights or gas costs. You could end up making $4,000 this summer…and have the best summer of your life.

What if I can't work at Camp all summer long?

We are willing to work with your schedule to make working at camp a reality for you! We understand that your life outside of camp is busy and you have other obligations to take care of.  Certain positions at Cho-Yeh require that you are present for the full summer, while others have the flexibility to work with your summer needs.  Check out the positions and their requirements here on the Positions Available page.  You can also see important dates for this summer on our Benefits page. Still not sure how to make camp work with your schedule?  Contact us and we can talk through options specific for you.

What if I need an internship for school?

We can help with internship requirements! Believe it or not, there are various positions available at Camp that can help you further your career.  Cho-Yeh has been able to help out several former staff members with internship credit in different positions.  Talk with your advisor or professor and get details on how we can help! Let us know about your internship questions or needs when you apply.

How can camp help me with my future?

Working at camp provides great opportunities for professional skill development that will help prepare you for your future career, parenthood, & marriage! As a staff member, you’ll be supervising, coaching, mentoring, and leading others. You’ll learn project management skills, conflict resolution, communication, and administration of details.  These leadership development opportunities have been proven to stand out on a resume and impress future employers. Spiritual growth will occur through personal time spent with God, staff Bible study, and devotion times with fellow staff members in a community much like the early church in Acts 2.

What types of campers will I be working with at Cho-Yeh?

Cho-Yeh hosts boys and girls, ages 6 – 16, mostly coming from the greater Houston area, but with large numbers also living in East and Central Texas. A handful of our campers also come from the North Texas/Dallas area, as well as from other states and nations.

What does a typical day look like at Cho-Yeh?

Cho-Yeh provides campers with a variety of opportunities to challenge them by trying new things while having a lot of fun too.  As a staff member, you will be working alongside your peers to ensure that the campers have the best time possible during their stay at camp.  Our schedule varies based on day of the week, but here is an overview of what your camper can expect on a typical day at camp.

As a counselor, what does leading a Bible study look like?

Bible study is an important time each day, and you will have the opportunity to see campers be challenged to grow in their faith. As a counselor, you will help lead Bible study and nightly devotionals for your campers within your cabin. Counselors focus on building relationships with campers just as Christ built relationships with people during His ministry. At Cho-Yeh, we are confident that God works in His time to reach people with His good news; therefore, it is our goal to love campers and live our lives in a way that exemplifies Jesus Christ and what it means to have a personal relationship with Him. It is not our goal to convert every camper by the end of the week but challenge them to grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ.

What are Cho-Yeh's theological beliefs?

Cho-Yeh holds beliefs consistent with Reformed Theology. For more specifics, please read more on What We Believe.

How much off time will I have?

Approximately 10 hours each week will be given to staff while camp is in session. Most staff will have an evening off time and two afternoon off times each week, but some will have one evening and one morning each week. Between sessions, staff will have approximately 22 hours off, which begins on Saturday around 12:30pm and ends the following Sunday around 10:30am.

What is it like to be a counselor at Cho-Yeh?

Our counselors are what make Cho-Yeh such an incredible place! As a counselor you have the opportunity to minister to the 8-15 campers in your cabin through teaching bible studies, leading activities, and sharing experiences at Camp. You and your co-counselor will have campers you get to encourage and point to Christ more each day through cultivating their faith, nurturing community, and forging character. We use the staff training weeks as an opportunity to equip you to lead your campers well during your time at Camp.

What happens at staff training?

Staff Training is about 10 days that equips summer staff with the tools and knowledge you will need to take on a summer at camp.  You will be immersed in the community that you will work alongside and develop a better understanding of how camp runs successfully.  Training sessions include camper Bible study prep, understanding camp activities, abuse prevention, and much more.

What if I still have some questions?

That’s okay and we hope you do have questions about Camp!  You can reach out to either of our Summer Camp Directors, Colby Huth or Meredith Malkowski. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Don’t be shy!

Summer Staff