Our Response To COVID-19

Top 10 Strategies

The safety of your camper has always been a top priority at Camp Cho-Yeh.  In light of the pandemic, we are reworking many of our scheduling and programming elements to mitigate the risk of COVID-19.  Below you will find our  Top 10 Strategies to promote health and wellness during Summer 2020. 

You can also download our  Health and Wellness Summer Camp PDF.

Most Recent Updates

Following the Guidelines

The Texas Governor’s Strike Force has published detailed guidelines and protocols for operating a residential summer camp. Our team has studied these protocols and will carefully work to implement the health standards required by the State of Texas. As always, your camper’s health and safety will continue to be a top priority.

Read the Texas Health Standards

Clean & Sanitize

Cho-Yeh is well known for its commitment to have clean and well maintained facilities. Our staff will clean and sanitize cabin sinks, showers, & bathrooms each day and our housekeeping staff will focus on cleaning the high traffic common areas several times a day. Additionally, we are adjusting our session dates to allow ample time between sessions for a deep clean of all facilities.

Teach & Train

Before camp begins, we will enhance and prioritize our staff training sessions to focus on personal hygiene & cleanliness. Counselors will be well-versed in our elevated health protocols and be given the tools and supplies necessary to maintain a clean cabin environment. Additionally, our counselors will help teach, monitor, & reinforce good personal hygiene practices in the cabin. We will consistently remind campers (and staff) to follow safe and healthy habits while they are at camp.

Screen & Monitor

We will be conducting a health screening of each camper and staff member upon their arrival to camp, including a temperature check and questionnaire. Additionally, all campers and staff will be monitored daily for any new symptoms that may arise.

Clear Communication

Clearly communicating how we are mitigating the risk of COVID-19 at camp is critical to building confidence among our camper parents. With full transparency, we are eager to communicate the various modifications we are making at camp and will communicate Covid-related health concerns with families impacted. Our team is here to answer any questions you might have!

Visit our FAQ Page

Opening & Closing Day

Opening & Closing Day logistics will look very different this summer! State guidelines will prevent parents from visiting their camper’s cabin since keeping outside guests to a minimum helps keep the Camp environment as clean and healthy as possible. We realize this will be a big adjustment for us all. Rest assured we are committed to Opening Days being a welcoming and reassuring experience while Closing Days will be rewarding and memorable for both parents and campers.

Smaller Groups

Starting with smaller cabin capacities, Cho-Yeh will be taking steps to reduce the number of close interactions campers and staff have with others. When feasible, Camp will be divided into smaller cohorts (Cho-horts) of 24-48 campers. Various aspects of our program including activities, A/O Showdown, dining, swimming, Bible study, etc, will all be experienced within their cohort. By limiting interactions between cohorts, we are mitigating the risk of widespread exposure should someone develop symptoms while at camp.

Altered Dining Experience

We are taking extra measures in our kitchen and dining hall to protect our campers and staff. Safety protocols will be enhanced for meal preparation, serving times will be spread out over a longer period of time & campers will eat with their cohorts in a variety of locations. Facilities will also be cleaned and sanitized between meals.

Isolation Protocols

We have increased the number of designated isolation areas for communicable disease. We are modifying our standard protocol for when to send a camper or staff member home, based on current government directives and recommendations.

Excellent Medical Staff

As always, our health center is staffed with at least two licensed medical personnel. These individuals are highly qualified in their field and are Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, or Doctors. During their term, they live on-site in our health center and are on-call 24 hours a day. Our health center protocols have been enhanced and revised to meet the challenges of COVID-19.