5-Year Cross

We give a special gift to campers who have been part of the Cho-Yeh family for at least 5 summers. The 5-year crosses and other gifts are presented during a celebration at Closing Cho-Gram at the end of each session. 5-year campers receive their cross along with 2 sets of beads: black and red; representing sin and the redemptive blood of Jesus.

The curriculum and activities at Cho-Yeh progress as campers go through the age-specific programs. The heart behind celebrating returners is that going through the length of the program brings continued growth year-after-year to those that return each summer.

Celebrating Returners

5-Year Cross

Returning campers continue being impacted by Camp Cho-Yeh, as they come back year-after-year. The Closing Cho-Gram ceremony on the final day of camp, highlights these special campers as they reflect on the growth, memories, and experiences of their many years at Cho-Yeh. From 5-Year Cross celebrations and beyond, this special night is something to look forward to as campers return each summer.

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Campers 6-9 Years

Campers attending 6-9 years receive additional sets of beads to add to their necklaces:

  • 6-years – White: representing we are a new creation in Christ
  • 7-years – Blue: representing baptism
  • 8-years – Green: representing continued spiritual growth
  • 9-years – Yellow: representing heaven

Campers are encouraged to bring their cross with them to camp. If you’ve lost yours, replacement crosses can be purchased for a small fee in the Trading Post.

Celebrating 9 years

Impact for Returning Campers

“I am so excited, I feel pretty good about getting these beads. I live far away, so the only time I get to see my childhood best friend is here at camp. I appreciate the Bible studies and that Cho-Yeh is a place for me to get closer to God.” -Sojourner camper, Lindsey

Campers 10-15 Years

We are thrilled when campers turn in to staff and continue their journey at Cho-Yeh! These milestone years are celebrated each summer with additional gifts:

  • 10 years – Ring
  • 11 years – Journal
  • 12 years – Bible
  • 13 years – Blanket
  • 14 years – Picture Frame
  • 15 years – Brick in Welcome Center walkway

10 years - Ring


11 years - Journal


12 years - Bible


13 years - Blanket


14 years - Picture Frame


15 years - Brick

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