Care Packages

For Summer 2021, care packages will be available online to pre-order for your camper in late spring.

From spirited Alpha/Omega tribe supplies to hand-picked items for Cho-Girls and Cho-Guys, care packages are a fun way to provide your camper with unique items not sold in the Trading Post during the current season.

When available, here’s how you’ll purchase yours:

  1. Click above to log into your parent account
  2. Visit the “Other Goodies Form” in the Forms and Documents section
  3. Select your care package options
  4. Go over to the Financial Management section to pay for what you just ordered

Check back here in late spring for detailed descriptions of our new care packages for Summer 2021!

The Camp Mom Expert

Camp Mail

Learn all about "camp stamps," the process for pre-written mail, sending care packages, and sending or receiving mail from your camper from Camp Mom Expert, Jessica Lamb.

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