Curriculum Progression

Summer camp programs at Cho-Yeh are designed to raise up the next generation of leaders for Christ’s Church. We will accomplish this by focusing on developmentally appropriate outcomes in three domains: Cultivating Faith, Nurturing Community, and Forging Character.

Cultivating Faith


I am part of and called to participate in God’s ongoing activity in the world, as revealed in the Bible.


God loves all people, and we are saved by God’s grace alone through Jesus Christ.


A rich and vibrant faith lived in response to God’s love includes essential practices like prayer, Bible study, confession, and corporate worship.

Nurturing Community


How to work through disagreements or conflict, listen deeply to the perspective of the other, and express their own needs and vulnerability.


A sense of belonging to the Body of Christ, their role within the Body, how to follow, and a mutual appreciation of other’s gifts.


To lead a life of service to others, bearing one another’s burdens and putting others’ needs before their own.

Forging Character


To exercise good judgment, honor their commitments, and live with integrity.


To feel confident in who God created them to be and joyfully live out their God-given passions.


To persevere through challenges and respond to adversity in emotionally healthy ways.

Registered Families