Evening Programs

The programs at Camp Cho-Yeh are the essence of the camper’s experience. They build a creative, fun, and exciting atmosphere unique to Cho-Yeh. Some programs are put on every other week, creating an Even/Odd Core Schedule. Evening programs often have a theme to them, where the location of the event will be decorated to tie into the experience as a whole. Each age group will experience programs specifically designed for them. The three age groups are, Explorers (1st-5th), Pathfinders (6th-8th), and Sojourners (9th-11th). 


Opening Cho-Gram – All Campers (All Weeks) 

This fun introductory program welcomes campers into the camp environment by familiarizing campers with the energetic camp songs they will sing throughout the week. Expectations are discussed so campers know the rules and safety policies set in place at Camp Cho-Yeh. This safety talk is given to equip campers with the tools to communicate if any issues arise, as well as to ensure they are able to enjoy camp in a fun, safe atmosphere.



Explorers (entering 1st-5th grades)

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Pathfinders – 6th-8th/ Sojourners – 9th-11th  (Odd Weeks)

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Pathfinders – 6th-8th/ Sojourners – 9th-11th (Even Weeks)

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Explorers – 1st-5th (Odd Weeks)

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Explorers – 1st-5th (Even Weeks)

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Cabin Choice – Pathfinders – 6th-8th/ Sojourners – 9th-11th (All Weeks)

Cabin groups choose their activity for the night and enjoy it as a cabin. This is a fun opportunity for campers to experience a new activity and grow in community with their cabin.


Sojourners – 9th-11th (All Weeks)

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Campsite Night – All Ages (All Weeks)

Each age group and gender have a separate event conducive to their specific group. Man Night, Girls Night, and Explorers Night each occur throughout camp. These programs are purposely geared towards each individual age group and gender in order to nurture community and provide a fun space for campers to grow.


Lifesong – Pathfinders – 6th-8th/ Sojourners – 9th-11th(All Weeks)

After Campsite Night, cabin groups will head out to experience a worship session at the outdoor Amphitheater. This musical worship service is a great way for campers to digest what they have been learning for the week and gives campers an opportunity to talk to counselors and one another about what God is teaching them.


Crud Wars/ Cookout: All Ages (All Weeks)

Get ready for a night of mud and muck! Cabin groups venture out to the Lease for Cho-Yeh’s famous Gauntlet, a fun mud course. Until it is a cabin’s turn to go through the course, campers enjoy a cookout, hang out, play soccer, throw the frisbee around, and more.


Closing Cho-Gram – All Ages (All Weeks)

Traditional camp programs with singing, skits, and tons of fun. This is a fun time to reflect on the week and to celebrate returning campers by gifting them their 5-year crosses and corresponding beads for years past that. Campers view the fun video that captures highlight moments from the entire week as they get to look back on all they experienced.

Night Flex:  Pathfinders – 6th-8th/ Sojourners – 9th-11th (All Weeks)

Campers choose which activities they would like to do, this includes the Trading Post, Treehouse, Cho-Dome, and Jumping Pillow. This is a fun opportunity for campers to get a refreshing treat and hang out with their cabin.


Night Worship – Epic Campers (Even Weeks)

Campers experience a time of musical worship at Reed Chapel. This provides an opportunity for campers to set some time aside to focus on God in the midst of really fun, full days at camp.

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