Lighthouse Point

With more than 5 acres, 1200′ of waterfront, 130′ of shaded beach, a boat dock with 3 lifts, and lots of play space, Lighthouse Point will provide an incredible waterfront experience for our older Cho-Yeh campers.

Each Pathfinder cabin travels by bus to Lighthouse Point once a week during Activity Period. Most Sojourners travel to Lighthouse point in smaller groups one morning during the week, then again as a larger group for a lake day on Wednesdays.

Continue watching this page for more information on specific age-group programming for Summer 2018!


Banana Boating

This is by far the favorite of all Lake Livingston activities. Imagine you and all your friends riding on a giant banana through the wake of Lake Livingston. It doesn’t get much better than that. If you’re nice to your boat driver, they might go easy on you… maybe. Banana boating is available at Lighthouse Point anytime that campers are present.

Stand Up Paddleboard

Take a relaxing ride out on the lake at sunset on one of our paddleboards. It will test your balance and strength as you try and stay dry! Stand Up Paddleboards are always available on the beach of Lighthouse Point.

Hang Time

This activity is as easy as it sounds. String up a hammock and hang out with good friends.

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