Opening & Closing Day Logistics

Opening and Closing Day will look different this summer.

We are evaluating and updating our Opening Day drop-off procedures weekly to protect the health of campers, staff, and parents and to comply with the latest State guidelines.

Opening Day: 

A few key changes to highlight:

Arrival Times:  Parents will be assigned a 30 minute window between 1:30p & 4:00p to arrive for Opening Day check-in.  These times will be sent to families by the Wednesday before your scheduled session. 

Drop off at Cabin:  Parents will be required to stay in their vehicles and will drive through camp to drop campers and luggage off right at their cabins.  To help reduce the risk of exposure, we’re asking families to limit the number of people and pets coming to drop off your camper. 

Meet the counselor:  As you drop your camper off at the cabin, you’ll get the opportunity to meet the counselor (through your car window!).  Don’t worry mom… Even though you won’t be able to go in the cabin, the counselor will help your camper make their bed and get settled in!

Health Check:  We’ll be doing a health screen & checking temperatures of all passengers in the vehicle upon arrival, so it would be a good idea to check them at home before you leave so there aren’t any surprises when you arrive!  If anyone will answer yes to any of these questions please email before noon on the Saturday before your arrival.

In the past 14 days have you experienced:

  • a temperature greater than 100.0?
  • a new or worsening cough?
  • shortness of breath?
  • a sore throat?
  • diarrhea?
  • had close contact with an individual diagnosed with COVID 19?
  • traveled via airplane internationally or domestically?

Don’t worry – only the campers will be checked for lice!

Arrival Luggage:  This year, each camper should pack all luggage & bedding into one trunk/large duffel bag.  Remember to clearly label your trunk or bag with your camper’s name!  As you arrive at the cabin, just pop the trunk & our team will grab your luggage and bring it to the cabin.

Trading Post:  A drive through Trading Post will be open on Opening day and all purchased items will be delivered to the camper’s cabin by Sunday evening.  Parents can also place orders ahead of time through our online store and items will be waiting for your camper when they arrive.

Camper Mail:  To comply with the State Health Protocols, Cho-Yeh will not be able to receive or distribute traditional “snail mail.” Letters and small packages can be dropped off at the “Mail Drop-Off Station” on Opening Day.   We’re also only accepting packages through the mail for emergency forgotten items, but due to government regulations we must let packages sit for 24 hours. If you forget something for your camper, contact us and we’ll help take care of it.


Closing Day: 

Closing Day pick up procedures will be similar to picking someone up at the airport.  Campers will be grouped and stationed in designated locations waiting for parents to arrive.  As you arrive, you will be directed to your camper’s location where they are waiting with their luggage. 

Our counselors will greet you, load the luggage in your car & say goodbye to your camper! 

Arrival Times: To help manage traffic, parents will be assigned one of two pickup time slots:  6:30 – 7:00 or 7:00 – 7:30.  Please do your best to arrive within your time slot.

Camper Cabin Tags: Parents must display the Camper Cabin Tag on their dash upon arrival.  This tag will be distributed on Opening Day.  Campers will only be released to the vehicle with the proper tag.  Vehicles without the proper tag will have to present a photo ID and be listed on the “Permission to Pick Up” form we have on file.

Medication Pick-up:  If there are any remaining medications that need to be picked up, please be sure to let your counselor know as they load your luggage.  Our medical staff will be nearby and available to help answer any questions you may have.

Early Departures: If you need to pick up your child early from camp, please let us know IN WRITING by completing the Early Departure form available at the check-in tables on Opening Day.  No early departures are allowed after 12:00pm on Friday.

Permission to Pick-up:  If you would like to give someone else permission to pick up your child, you must give them your Camper Cabin Tag AND submit a “Permission to Pick-up” form located in your parent account.

Trading Post Refunds:  Any unused funds in your camper’s Trading Post account will automatically be refunded the week following your camper’s session.

Pre-Registration for Summer 2021:  All Pre-Registration will be done online this year.  Campers who Pre-Register before leaving camp will receive a free 2021 t-shirt.  Registration fee is $150 (non-refundable and non-transferable) and tuition will be held at Summer 2020 original pricing.  Pre-register online prior to pick-up and receive the exclusive Summer 2021 t-shirt!


Registered Families