Don’t waste your summer! You have about 3-4 summers in your life where you can do something truly unique and impactful. God can use you to help camp be a place where Jesus Christ transforms lives through meaningful relationships and outdoor adventures. At summer camp, we are passionate about meeting kids where they are at in their faith and challenging them to grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ.

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Within the community of Cho-Yeh, you’ll be challenged to grow in your faith and character as you lead others in theirs. Working at camp provides great opportunities for professional skill development that will help prepare you for your future career, parenthood, & marriage! As a staff member, you’ll be supervising, coaching, mentoring, and leading others. You’ll learn project management skills, conflict resolution, communication, and administration of details. You’ll be presented with the opportunity to think on your feet and make good decisions with limited information. Use your summer as an internship! We can help make sure you get the credit you need! Cho-Yeh also offers college scholarships to help cover tuition expenses.

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At camp, you will have the opportunity to gain experience in leading others and developing interpersonal skills. Whether it’s guiding campers through the ropes course, wrestling with tough questions in Bible study or navigating peer to peer conflict, the leadership development opportunities will stand out on a resume and impress future employers. The skills you sharpen at camp will set you up for success in the long haul.

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Much like the early church in Acts 2, Cho-Yeh staff experience a life-giving community that is focused on serving, learning, worshiping and growing together. At Cho-Yeh, our staff develop deep, substantial friendships that support, encourage and sharpen each other. God is going to shape and mold you during your summer at Cho-Yeh, and He will use the community around you to deepen your faith, challenge you to grow and support you when the going gets tough.

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