Mandatory Staff Training

All Staff are expected to take part in two weeks of staff training before the beginning of the summer. Staff will receive $100 for these two weeks of training and all certifications necessary to complete their job this summer.

Counselors have flexibility with which weeks they work through the summer, see some of the options below. Contact us if the below options do not work for you.

First Half

First 6 weeks

Second Half

Last 6 weeks


All 10 weeks. Lifers will get at least one week off during the summer

All other positions are either full summer, or have specific weeks they must be worked. See position descriptions for more information.

Hear from a former staff member, now a business owner, how his journey and camp have made an impact on his life:


Our salaries are as follows:

  • First Year Staff: $230/Week
  • Second Year Staff: $245/Week
  • Third Year Staff: $260/Week

Meals and Housing

All meals and housing are provided with the summer staff salary.

Time Off

We believe in the importance of rest and rejuvenation for our staff, so, yes, you get off-time!

Weekend Off-Times

All our staff gets from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning. You will have time to do your laundry, eat a good meal or run to Houston, which is only about an hour away.

Weekly Off-Times

Most staff have around 10 hours off throughout the week. They may be a combination of  one night off and two afternoons off or one night off and one morning off every week. This is the perfect amount of time to recharge and feel energized to get back to your campers and finish the week strong.

Scholarships and Internships

We want our staff to succeed in their future, so we are passionate about helping them do so. We have a summer staff scholarship that any staff member that has completed a summer serving at Cho-Yeh can apply for in order to help with tuition expenses. Applications are available in April and May. Have questions? Email

We also want to help you get internship credit for working at Camp! Believe it or not, there are a variety of different positions available at Camp that can help you further your career. Talk with your advisor or professor and let us know how we can help! Have questions? Email

Summer Staff