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What are the ages of Cho-Yeh campers, and where do they come from?

Cho-Yeh hosts boys and girls, ages 6 – 16, mostly coming from the greater Houston area, but with large numbers also living in East and Central Texas. A handful of our campers also come from the North Texas/Dallas area, as well as from other states and nations.

What kind of experience does Cho-Yeh provide for campers?

Cho-Yeh provides campers with a variety of opportunities to challenge them by trying new things while having a lot of fun too. The cabin life experience is one that teaches campers how to get along with their peers, accept each other, and learn together about God. While at Cho-Yeh, campers make lots of new friends and also gain independence and develop responsibility for themselves and their belongings.

What is involved in the camper Bible Study time?

Bible study is an important time each day, and you will have the opportunity to see campers be challenged to grow in their faith. As a counselor, you will help lead Bible study and nightly devos for your campers within your cabin. Counselors focus on building relationships with campers just as Christ built relationships with people during His ministry. At Cho-Yeh, we are confident that God works in His time to reach people with His good news; therefore, it is our goal to love campers and live our lives in a way that exemplifies Jesus Christ and what it means to have a personal relationship with Him. It is not our goal to convert every camper by Friday night.

What are Cho-Yeh's theological beliefs?

Cho-Yeh holds beliefs consistent with Reformed Theology. For more specifics, please read more onĀ What We Believe.

How much off time will I have?

Approximately 10 hours each week will be given to staff while camp is in session. Most staff will have an evening off time and two afternoon off times each week, but some will have one evening and one morning each week. Between sessions, staff will have approximately 22 hours off, which begins on Saturday around 12:30pm and ends the following Sunday around 10:30am.

What does being a counselor really mean?

As a counselor, you will live in a cabin with approximately 8 – 15 campers and at least one other counselor. Together, you will supervise and care for the campers in your cabin in a manner that exemplifies the love of Christ. Your role will be parent, a big brother/sister, and a best friend all rolled into one. Being a counselor is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually exhausting. Relying on God and gaining strength from Him alone is where true growth will happen in your counseling experience. The many details involved in the job of the counselor will be covered during the weeks of staff training in May.

What are my opportunities to grow in the summer?

Physically, you will be challenged, as there is much activity at camp. Mentally and emotionally you will grow as you work with campers and co-workers. Spiritual growth will occur through personal time spent with God, staff Bible study, and devotion times with fellow staff members.

What kinds of programs will we do in the evening?

Cho-Yeh has a wide variety of programs that are held in the evenings either in conjunction with dinner or after dinner. These will include, but are not limited to: Crud Wars, Girls Night, Man Night, Night Games, Cook-out, Devos and Cho-Grams on the opening and closing night of camp.

What is the role of the counselor at activities?

Counselors are trained during Staff Training in a variety of activities and will either teach or assist the activity classes. Activities are conducted in a fun, instructional manner.

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