Summer Staff – “Christian Camp Job in Texas”

Camp Cho-Yeh is the best summer camp in Texas because in everything we do, we seek to fulfill our mission of being a place where Jesus Christ transforms lives through meaningful relationships and outdoor adventures. Through this mission, our camp environment creates the best summer job in Texas. Everyone is an important member of the team – the camp counselor and those serving in a support staff role such as Kitchen Krew or media team. Living in a rich community is a favorite part of all summer staff. Whatever their role, college students will inspire transformation, strengthen character, lead with excellence, and build true community through their job positions. Read more about why Camp Cho-Yeh provides some of the best Christian camp job in Texas.

A Caring Community makes Camp Cho-Yeh the Best Christian Camp Job in Texas.

The spiritual health of our summer staff is a top priority for us at Cho-Yeh. It is important for college students to be growing in their relationship with God. Full time staff disciple and encourage college students so that they in turn can pour into to campers for ten weeks. Every Sunday morning at opening meeting, staff gather to hear a teaching from scripture and participate in musical worship. Each college students is placed into a small group Bible study with full time staff. During this weekly time together, college students are given an opportunity to read scripture together, to pray for one another, and to simply rest in community and to have an hour to refocus on Christ before re-entering their cabins. The caring community at Camp Cho-Yeh makes this one of the Christian camp job in Texas.

College Students inspires transformation, making Camp Cho-Yeh the best Christian Camp Job in Texas.

Our college-aged summer staff have the incredible opportunity to inspire transformations in the lives of their campers by coming alongside them as positive role models. By leading a cabin for a one- or two-week session, college staff can have a lasting impact on campers that extends deeper than we could imagine. Camp Cho-Yeh is passionate about meeting campers where they are at in their faith and challenging them to grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ. The mission of Camp Cho-Yeh is to be a place where Jesus Christ transforms lives through meaningful relationships and outdoor adventures. Camp Cho-Yeh is the best Christian camp job in Texas for college students because staff get to take part in the transformative work God is doing through the camp experience!

Summer Staff Strengthen Character, making Camp Cho-Yeh the best Christian Camp Job in Texas.

College-age summer staff have the amazing opportunity to partner with full time staff of Camp Cho-Yeh to shape the character of young men and women from the Houston, Texas area. Summer Staff challenge campers to grow through Bible studies, outdoor activities, and through teamwork as a cabin. College students often experience growth as well, as their character is strengthened as they learn to selflessly lead others. College Students find great opportunities to develop professional skill that will be beneficial in life beyond just a summer at camp. Growing in your faith and character help prepare college students for a future career, parenthood, and marriage. Being part of the summer staff at Camp Cho-Yeh is the best summer job in Texas because you will come out of the experience with project management skills, conflict resolution, communication, administration of details, problem solving in the moment, and will have developed strong supervising, coaching, mentoring, and leading skills. This best summer job in Texas can even provide internship credit for some college students!

College Students lead with excellence, making Camp Cho-Yeh the best Christian Camp Job in Texas

Being part of an excellent college-age summer staff develops strong leadership skills. Camp Cho-Yeh holds staff to a high expectation to lead with excellence. However, college students are not just thrown in to unrealistic expectations of meeting this goal. Full time staff provides training that will equip college-age summer staff with safety and child-development information needed for their job. College studetns will learn how to teach teamwork, conflict management, and integrity to provide the very best experience for elementary and teenage campers. College students also gain interpersonal needed for a successful summer. College Students will be provided with strong leadership opportunities that will set them apart on resumes for future employment. The leadership development opportunities that summer staff experience at Cho-Yeh help make us the best Christian camp job in Texas.

College Students build true community at Camp Cho-Yeh, making summer staff the best Christian Camp Job in Texas.

Camp Cho-Yeh summer staff purposefully work to build true community with other college students. Girls and guys from colleges around the country (not just Texas!) say working at Camp is the best summer job. The opportunity which Camp Cho-Yeh provides for make lasting, deep friendships are pivotal to experiencing incredible growth together. College students strive to live transparent, authentic lives as they passionately follow Jesus. College students seek to cultivate a life-giving community, much like the Biblical example of a church body in Acts 2. Summer staff arrive at Cho-Yeh expectant that God will shape and mold them, developing strong character through the college-age community at Camp. The summer staff focus on serving, learning, worshipping, and growing together as we serve as positive role models for campers is another reason that working on summer staff at Camp Cho-Yeh is the Christian camp job in Texas.