Air Riflery

Cho-Yeh's classic air rifle range offers a unique opportunity for younger campers to test their marksmanship skills! This exciting outdoor activity is a fun and safe challenge for any skill level, and offers a stepping stone for campers looking to learn firearm safety for the first time.

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Skeet Shooting

Once trained in proper technique and firearm safety, older campers will have the opportunity to hit our sleek new firing range, Gunpowder Gulch! Armed with 20 gauge shotguns, campers can test their marksmanship skills against a series of clay skeet throwers that will give even our most seasoned veterans a challenge!


This classic activity is as old as camp itself! Step onto our range and learn proper marksmanship from a seasoned instructor, then put your skills to the test!


Sharpen your tomahawk throwing skills as you learn to toss an axe and hit your target consistently. Instructors will teach you safety and proper form as you try to sink your axes into a wooden block!

NOTE: Tomahawks are not offered to our youngest campers