The Camp Mom Expert: Rainy Weather

By: Allison

Posted: 3.14.22

Hey, it’s Allison, the Camp Mom Expert. So what happens if it rains at Camp? Many parents worry that rain will ruin the Camp experience. But, most kids I know don’t mind getting wet and muddy. In fact, one of the most popular evening programs each week – Crud Wars – is based on getting as muddy and dirty as possible!

Rain showers are unavoidable during the summer, but are usually over quickly. Lots of times, they provide a refreshing break from the heat for campers and counselors. Camper safety is the number one priority all week long, so no need to panic about sending your child to Camp if rain is forecasted for their session. Be sure to pack a rain jacket or poncho. Rain boots or an additional pair of shoes is also a good idea. If the week looks like it’s going to be extra soggy, maybe send an extra towel or two as well.

If the rain is light and there is no risk of lightning, campers will still be able to walk to the activities and programs planned for the day. Easy adjustments can be made if the rain is heavy. For example, Alpha/Omega Showdown might be switched up a little and held under the Cho-Dome (a covered basketball court) or in an indoor meeting hall instead of on a sports field.

Just in case you’re wondering, the full-time staff stay on alert for lightning by watching lightning indicators regularly. Even when lightning is several miles away, the Program Team begins communicating with Summer Staff about adjustments that need to be made. If lightning is within a dangerous range, campers and staff will shelter inside a building until the storm has moved away.

A Rainy Day Plan has been created for every building in order to create a fun environment in case campers have to wait inside for a storm to pass. Sometimes campers will spend rainy times having a dance party in the dining hall, playing card games in their cabins, or having a dodgeball tournament in a meeting hall. 

Our campers will be the first to tell you that Camp is hilly! Because of that, Camp has never flooded. All of the rain just runs off into the lakes, and the campers get back to their favorite outdoor activities in no time!

If the forecast shows rain (or even storms) for an Opening or Closing Day, you should come to Camp at the regularly scheduled drop-off or pick-up times. The staff will make changes to the way campers, parents and luggage are transported if lightning becomes an issue. Your camper may be asked to stay in your car until lightning has moved away. Just be sure to watch for special signage, keep an eye out for text message alerts, and wait for Cho-Yeh’s staff to give you further instructions.

All in all, rain is a typical part of the Camp experience, and the Cho-Yeh team does their very best to make it fun while keeping campers safe. Just don’t forget to pack a jacket and a spare set of shoes!