Compass Tuition and Fees

The Compass is a 9 month bridge-year discipleship program of Camp Cho-Yeh running on a similar schedule to most colleges and universities.

Fall Semester:  September – December 2018

Time off given for Thanksgiving Break and Christmas Break

Spring Semester:  January – May 2019

Time off given for Spring Break

Tuition Per Semester

Students are expected to live together and cook community meals, as well as attend classroom and community building activities.  Tuition for the program is offset by the work completed at Camp Cho-Yeh on a weekly basis. 

To help cover the cost of food, lodging, books, and staff, students are asked to pay $5,500 each semester.  Additionally, students will be asked to raise $1,000-2,000 to cover the cost of an international mission trip during the spring semester.  Limited need-based scholarships are available.

Should Compass be Your Next Step?